The Aghasura Demon A Modern Tale

Oct 6, 2020 | God, Krishna, prayer, religion

Because the earth is currently overburdened by corrupt, vile, and perverted celebrities and rulers who pretend to be one thing, when in truth they are another.
I wish to invite you to join with me today, as I share with you this important message. Please be patient. Take a few minutes, sit down with your cup of tea or coffee, and read, as this mystical unfoldment takes place, for it shall be a “happening”. I know that this is a longer transmission than usual, so please do not let its length feed your impatience. For what is being presented today, is for your ultimate benefit, and the benefit of all. If you are not able to take the time now, to sit quietly and contemplate these deep truths which are here revealed, then you are invited to enter this sacred space, when you are bored, in a Doctor’s office, or on a train, or plane, or car sitting in the passenger seat of a car! You can even print this email out and read it later, when you are comfortable. 


Why have I shared these magnificent feats of Lord Krishna with you all, you may wonder? “Because the earth is currently overburdened by corrupt, vile, and perverted celebrities and rulers who pretend to be one thing, when in truth they are another,” is my reply. Today we shall discuss the demon, Agha. 


5,000 years ago, Lord Krishna descended to this world to slay the demon-rulers. He also came to remove them from their seats of power, to annihilate their spell over the good people of earth. Scripture tells us that merely by our recital of these legendary chronicles, that we too shall affect a change, inside and outside of ourselves. I sincerely feel that it is poignant, not only for the collective environment, but also for our own individual selves, that we learn from these pastimes, as their secret meanings have limitless power within them. This gives us an incredible opportunity for positive change. If we work together as one loving family, united, we shall empty the world of the baby-killing devils who currently cause terrible suffering to innocent children all around the world.


By listening attentively with your inner-ears, as this powerful cathartic story is revealed to you, recognize where you may still hold any resistance, resentment, anger, or frustration. Open up your energy-field to receive God’s immeasurable power – when I speak of God – I am addressing our Divine Mother and Father together united.


Our consciousness is like a cup. A grail in which we hold and contain the truth of our innate connection to the Divine. This energy can be utilized when it is activated by our Lady. Especially when we do this as a collective. We can harness any situation and transform it with our thoughts, our intentions, and our love.


Our Supreme Creators,

God and Goddess,

Beloved Lord and Lady,

Wish to bless you,

To dissolve your burdens,

Your anger,

And your fears;

Allow Them to carry the weight of all your problems.


The Agha-demon exemplifies anyone who lacks compassion for others. Such a person has no empathy. Primarily we see this strange personality trait in elite circles, where child sacrifice, trafficking, and ritual sexual-abuse are taking place. I know this is an uncomfortable conversation. I am not speaking of politics. I am not talking of conspiracies. I am speaking the truth of what is out there, beyond the illusions that have been spun for us as truth.


Out of a selfish greed to have what they will by any means, these most foul creatures, take our children, who are kidnapped, raped, and ritually murdered on altars to an ancient deity known as Moloch. In the Old Testament Bible this same devil’s name is Molek. The sacrifice of children to Molek has been going on for thousands of years, this is nothing new. In recent times we have seen the tragic increase of Satanic ritual abuse, pedophelia and child porn. It’s everywhere like a plague and it is honestly horrifying to me, as a mother, to imagine what these poor children are witnessing and experiencing. I feel deeply drawn to help co-create with you, and shift these energies of great darkness. As a collective, together as a group, we have the power to do anything. So lets do it. Let’s create. 


I am inviting each of you, as you are reading this newsletter, to please open yourself up and allow for this great healing to happen. In consciousness, all things are made possible. There are no limitations. Such sad evil creatures can be dislodged and displaced, if we, together as one-mind, expose them to the light vibrations of Divine love.


Ours is a peaceful path,

Therefore we wish no ill on any living being

– not even the demons;

Yet like all dirty things,

They need to be washed clean,

Burned in the baptismal fires of our compassionate mission,

To turn darkness into light,

To see the earth and its people,

And its animals,

And its environment,

Restore and heal,

In the light of God’s love for us…


Now let us begin. Take a deep breath and allow this ancient narrative to bless you, heal you, bathe you, and baptize you. The evil demon-King, Kamsa, sent another demon into the village of Vrindavan to kill his great enemy, Prince Krishna. This time he sent Agha, who had shape-shifted into the form of a giant serpent, eight miles long. Who, upon finding a well concealed spot in the forest, deceptively stretched open his mouth so that it seemed to be a mountain cave. His plan was to swallow the Lord, along with all of his friends, with one bite. Because he was a demon, he was impatient to kill. Demons are always hungry to eat children. Agha was also eager to brag of his successful campaign to the demon-King, Kamsa.

Agha expanded his jaws until the top of his mouth touched the clouds. Pretending to be a cave, his mouth was actually a gaping doorway to death. The demon’s sharp teeth looked like sparkling stalactites and stalagmites. His watery hot breath, full of toxic poisons, looked like a river leading to paradise. At first glance, the boy Prince, Krishna, thought he was standing before a statue. But after examining it more carefully, He saw that it was actually a demon in disguise. Krishna’s innocent young friends ran into the open passageway of the cave, in hope of an adventure. Marching forward, happily believing they were going to have fun, oblivious of the danger, they entered the mouth of the serpent. Immediately the boys felt the heat of the demon’s poisonous saliva. Collapsing, they fell into a state of coma. Krishna, watching the boys run innocently into the mouth of the demon, along with their pet cows and calves, observed from a distance, planning His move carefully.

The demon was impatiently awaiting the young Prince’s entrance, thinking to himself, “This boy Prince killed my brother and sister demons, and now I shall take him out and claim all the glory!” To kill the demon, without harming His friends, the Lord entered the mouth of the great beast, fearlessly. Immediately, the creature began slowly closing his gargantuan mouth. His teeth bared down on the children inside. “Yummy, I will crush them all and have them all for breakfast!” he told himself.

Seeing the evil-creatures sword-like sharp teeth crashing down on his friends, Sri Krishna expanded Himself within the throat of the serpent, like a valiant hero. All the young girls watched from behind trees, aghast that their handsome Prince was about to be killed inside the mouth of a powerful demon. Hearing the pretty girls screaming out of great fear, the Lord instantly expanded Himself, exposing the demon to His true form as Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. God.

The wretched monster immediately began choking, for the Lord had become as large as the sky. The demon’s eyes instantly fell into the back of his head. Suffocated, his soul burst out through the upper part of his skull. The demon was dead. Krishna saw that His friends, as well as their pet cows and calves, were unconscious. Their coma was deep, due to the poison of envy inside the demon’s sinister mouth. Krishna, with His transcendental glance, instantly brought His friends and pets back to life again, all unharmed. The children were saved and the lands were freed from great evil. Demons like to perform tricks to manipulate people into their wicked webs of illusion. Innocent people, believing in the lies they are spoon-fed, have been misled. Most demons slip in and out of the thinking tank, like snakes, poisoning the waters in which our consciousness bathes. They do this, unexposed, in a clandestine, evil, and hidden way. In their societies of sickness and depravity. They tricked the public, yet now they are exposed for what and who they truly are.

Agha’s dead body lay there spread out over many miles. His corpse became a playground for all the children in the surrounding villages, who happily played in the glistening caves and fresh waters of the preserved demon who had been slain by Lord Krishna. All of the villagers were so grateful and relieved that they had the fearless and powerful Prince, to rely upon for their safety and protection.

Prayers, blessings, intention, and compassion, are extraordinary powerful healing remedies for the sickness that is there in humanity. Let us now send our expanded consciousness into the collective, humbly petitioning our beloved Lord and Lady, to reach in and wash away, burn, and heal this land of all evil, deceit, and depravity. See Their loving vibrations pouring down from above into the pools of the world’s thinking tank, dissolving and transforming the wicked, into repentant devotees. Fearing what death shall for certain bring to them, for their wicked crimes against children, see the miracle of Divine intent, deftly remove them from their seats of illusory power. Watch as their spell over humanity dissipates. Let the love-light in your open heart and mind, which is filled with Divine blessings, cascade into the chalice of all sentient beings consciousness.

“May our world again be filled with peace, safety, and protection,

And may all innocent children on earth,

From henceforth,

Be protected,

May they be freed from their great burdens and troubles;

With the limitless mercy of the Goddess,

And the dedicated service of Her messenger,

Mary Magdalene,

Messianic Bride,

Daughter of Eve,


May the Prophecy be fulfilled,

Through us all,

On this day!



Krishna Rose
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  1. Stanley G Lewis

    It’s great to meet your consciousness on this road! I love 💕 the way you think!


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