The 13 Tenets Of Divine Feminine Understanding

Dec 2, 2020 | Goddess, Krishna, Mary Magdalene

Life is a sacred pilgrimage and the Divine Feminine teachings reveal to us practically how to end our suffering forever.

Firstly I wish to thank all those who believed in me and supported me in this work. My book, Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, is the winner of Pencraft’s Best Fiction Book of the Year 2020.

I am grateful and proud to have played a part in the retelling of Mary Magdalene and Jesu’s lives. I really do feel like the words within its pages are the Magdalene’s. She had a story to tell and I feel blessed to have been able to share it with so many grateful, beautiful, open hearts. I pray that you have read and received the message and invite of the Feminine Divine.  

Today we shall discuss the teachings and practices of the Divine Feminine. What are Her followers expected to do? What are we to practice and attain? What are the core beliefs that we should adhere to, if we wish to elevate our consciousness above the quagmire of discomfort, disappointment, and fear that we all feel inside? These things are deep inside of us, but have you ever wondered why? Having spent many years studying the ancient texts and scriptures, and practicing the path of devotion and surrender, I felt compelled to present these 13 principles of the Divine Feminine path. They are simple, yet effective tools of transformation. Feel free to print and laminate this list, if you wish to be reminded of these daily truths. Let them manifest as great healers within you, in the name of the Most High.


Be kind and compassionate unto all living beings;

Pray with your heart and mind united;

Give up judgements and criticisms – work on yourself, don’t point fingers;

Reach beyond dogma, rules, laws, and seek Divine love alone;

Let go of pride and give generously;

Spend time in devotional practices like chanting and praying;

Be present and honor the living soul within all;

Eat pure foods which harm no living being;

Lead by example – not only with sermons, but with sacrificial deeds when none but God is watching;

Let go of duplicity and pretence;

Forgive and seek forgiveness;

Seek the Eternal Kingdom within: Make effort every day, be strong;

Be loyal and chaste in all circumstances, always.

These foundational truths should be the natural tenets of our devotion, no matter which spiritual path we follow. To call oneself a devotee of any path, holds a certain amount of responsibility. That responsibility is to ourselves. To our own souls. To follow along the path which has been laid out before us, we should remember that there is a purpose to our existence … we are to arrive somewhere. In order to do this we must make an effort, otherwise we will not advance or arrive at our desired destination. Nor do we advance simply by believing that Jesus died for our sins. This was not the message for which he and his family sacrificed so much.

Pilgrims of faith, be cautious about making no endeavor to move further along on your chosen path. The journey from where we are now, to where we want to be, is a holy expedition. It is a Grail quest, and it is one that is walked alone. For it is only the inner-realms of the spiritual heart, where the search for God, and the Kingdom, begins. Life is a sacred pilgrimage and the Divine Feminine teachings reveal to us practically how to end our suffering forever. To attain what the saints and Prophets have spoken of and made accessible. The Kingdom of God is a revelation. It is a sanctuary, an innermost garden, and it is accessible at all times. It is up to us where and how we spend our time. The Kingdom is the penultimate destination and is the truest example of perfect living and perfect loving. Eternal splendor found. Our central point of happiness and security.

Krishna Rose

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