Storms Upon The Wicked

Aug 23, 2021 | Goddess, love, Mary Magdalene

The earth belongs not to wickedness, but to Mother Divine.

Our returning Grail Queen, Mary Magdalene, is a key player in these changing times, as it was with her fake-news propaganda story that the Goddess was removed from religions around the world. This was a deliberate grab for financial and political gain and control, as with women cast aside as mere whores and house-wives, the Feminine lost Her voice. In this way, the patriarchy usurped the Messianic throne as well as the narrative of religions around the world.

Now, thankfully, we see the rising Feminine restoring all that was set aside from us these past 2,000 years. The Goddess is the guardian of clean living, protector of animals and nature, organic farming practices, healing frequencies, devotion, kindness, compassion, chastity, and purity. She is also the Defender of the true faith, the Preserver, Caregiver, and Shepherdess over the lands and the peoples’ hearts. Within this Golden Age, the Feminine Divine is guiding humanity toward liberation through the chanting of holy names in any tongue. This is why there has been such a surge of interest in kirtan, yoga, and the practice of japa (rosary).

We live on sacred ground, blessed by our Lord and Lady’s sweet vibrations. The world and its inhabitants are consecrated in spirit. The earth belongs not to wickedness, but to Mother Divine. Therefore, may every direction be blessed, exalted, and hallowed. May we be healed inside and outside, and may the forces of evil be unseated in Goddess’s name, so mote it be. It is important to have faith in the supernatural peace of Divine Mother’s love, to make right all that is broken in us and in the world. Her frequencies are overpowering the lower-frequencies and vibrations of ancient evil. Thus, these changes are upon us, so that the Golden Age may flourish and restore peace. Biblical and Vedic prophecy is being fulfilled. Indeed, these are historic times.


The earth is to be made more pleasant in order to fulfill scriptural prophecies. The Golden Age is upon us. There is no stopping it, for it originates from the Kingdom.


Krishna Rose

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