Saved From Unholy Boredom

Oct 5, 2021 | happiness, Mary Magdalene, prayer

Deliverance is not something given to us, we must do the work.

Mary Magdalene is the watch-tower over Jesu’s flock. She has become one of the most influential teachers of Christ’s ministry. The apostle of the apostles. The voice of the returning Feminine Divine. Her Messianic cause is to recover what was destroyed by the patriarchy in her name. To restore the true teachings and ways of Christ at this time. She does this to heal the landscape and rebirth the earth toward the much anticipated Golden Age, for this most blessed age, delivers the good from the tyranny of misguided leaders who care nothing for us or our children. Our soul’s salvation depends upon our separation from the illusions of maya’s grip.


I pray that you will be blessed with an experience of Divine love. Where the tears of your devotion pour healing balm into the dryness and unhappiness that is there inside of you. May you be held and sustained by the delivering power of God’s Shakti, Who delivers you from your unholy boredom. As Her mysteries awaken in you, you will be led to a holy river, to be baptized in your conscious awareness. There, in the sacrifice of your daily practice, you shall find yourself connected to God through holy name. Developing a relationship with your Creators as you repeat God’s holy name, you will link your soul to Something and someOne from Eternity. Without this you are lost. Deliverance is not something given to us, we must do the work. It is said that fifty percent effort begets fifty percent mercy. Similarly, fifty percent grace begets fifty-per-cent happiness. Happiness is the side effect of Divine love. When your consciousness is awakened through remembrance in mind, body, and spirit, you are restored to holiness. You become present with your Creators and are filled with bliss upon remembrance of Them. In Their presence You are whole. You are restored and purified to live from a place of unconditional innocent love. This is the truth and everything else is a lie. So embody your love bravely. Shine bright from your soul center and allow your sacred essence to pour out of you. Be the change.


Krishna Rose

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