Revealing The Hidden Story Of Mary Magdalene

Feb 8, 2022 | Jesus, Krishna, Mary Magdalene

I often found myself choked with tears, sobbing and shaking, bearing witness to Mary Magdalene’s incredible secret story.


Toward the end of my book, Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, the heroine of our story, Mary Magdalene, enters the depths of seven hells to better understand why people suffer, and to dissuade people from the sin that manifests as future misery. Writing her story revealed to me the profound unknown and much speculated afterlife, where those who commit grave sin pay for their crimes. Fortunately, much of what I witnessed, I was able to corroborate within the ancient Vedic scripture (5th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam) which offers in-depth and rather graphic descriptions of the heavenly and hellish realities.

The soul within the body never dies.

When people question, “This is not written in the Bible. Where did you get this information from?” It’s such a difficult question to answer, as how can I answer in one or two sentences what I had become privy to whilst researching and writing? How can I condense half a lifetime of research into a short reply? And though there is a detailed Bibliography included in the back of my book, there were many missing pieces of the puzzle that Mary Magdalene and Jesu allowed me to chronicle on their behalf. 

Whilst writing I often entered a state of spiritual trance with no mind, other than a willingness and openness to serve God, for the highest purpose of humanity. I set aside my own wants and needs for many years, sitting at the helm of my computer, eager and ready to write. I was shown their world, clear as my own day to day life. I could see, feel, touch, smell and hear everything as if I was actually there… beginning with the crucifixion scene. I often found myself choked with tears, sobbing and shaking, bearing witness to Mary Magdalene’s incredible secret story.

The painful details of Jesus’s crucifixion and burial were etched upon my mind’s eye so that I could clearly portray, not only the suffering of Christ, but the sorrow of those who witnessed his sacrifice. Mary Magdalene, pregnant, then left her bed in the middle of the night to move her husband’s body to a safe tomb outside of the city. This phenomena was confirmed for me when I visited Rennes Le Chateau, France, where a bust of the crucifixion scene had a very strange image… that of Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea moving Jesu’s dead body on the full moon night of Shabbat! This would have broken every Jewish law of their time period, so why did they risk life and limb to move him during Shabbat?

Caiaphas, leader of the Jewish Sanhedrin, was responsible for Christ’s arrest, torture and murder. Determined to make sure no one doubted he had killed yet another false-messiah, Caiaphas devised a wicked plan to parade Jesus’s dead body through the streets of Jerusalem, to eradicate from people’s minds any possibility that he had been the Messiach. But God had another plan. No one can outwit the Lord.

Krishna Rose

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