Rennes Le Château: Part 3

Apr 4, 2022 | church, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua

Rennes Le Château is a map pointing to a very great secret worth more than its weight in gold.


What could Sauniere have found that made him so profoundly wealthy?

Suddenly, the humble priest was mingling with and entertaining Paris’s elite.

The beautiful and mysterious Rennes Le Château chapel

Today we continue to unravel the intriguing mysteries of Rennes Le Château. We know that during renovation work, Sauniere, a Catholic priest, found old parchments hidden inside one of his church’s pillars. These parchments were left there by his predecessor, Abbot Antoine Bigou, on behalf of Dame Marie de Negre d’Ables, a noble lady rumored to be a bloodline descendant of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. The scrolls he found contained secret gospel passages, as well as maps to a treasure of great importance.


Sauniere also found a secret staircase leading to a crypt beneath the stone Altar, wherein he discovered something of great significance. We know that he uncovered scrolls, maps, a chest of gold coins, a jeweled necklace, a bracelet and an ornate chalice cup… but what else did he find? Whatever he found, it made him instantly wealthy and well-connected. Sauniere’s life at that point became somewhat obsessed as he dedicated himself to carving and painting messages into the church’s decor, which he hoped would lead someone to his great mystery, which he reburied somewhere in the church’s surrounding area.


Rennes Le Château is a map pointing to a very great secret worth more than its weight in gold. Some believe that Sauniere burned the original parchments after decoding them and then spent the rest of his life ensuring that what he learned would never be lost. While researching my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, I was blessed to have spent many peaceful hours inside of Rennes Le Château, praying, and contemplating the curious images for answers. I hoped that they would unlock themselves and speak to me, and they did. Clearly, Sauniere left something important and controversial buried in and around the landscape which many believe is the shrouded body of Mary Magdalene, along with important documents and treasures belonging to Jesus’s family and bloodline.


Protected by the Knights Templar, the bloodline descendants of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, along with their secrets and wealth, remained hidden for two-thousand years. Since the Roman church usurped the Messianic throne for themselves by declaring Jesus childless and unmarried, the heirs of the Messianic throne went into hiding. Actually the Bible makes no mention of Jesus’s marriage at all. It does not say whether he was married or not, therefore, it was unfortunately left to the gross manipulation of kings and popes.


Now, the voice of Mary Magdalene has returned to declare that the true church is not found in buildings, institutions, organizations or groups. The only temple is inside of the heart. Love for God has nothing to do with the world of flesh, ego and materialism. Four walls and a roof cannot contain divine love. The heart does. Similarly, what we call ourselves, how we dress and what group we belong to, has nothing to do with spirit. The Beloved is searched for and realized within the soul’s consciousness, which, like a Grail cup, receives, contains and shares divine wisdom. This sacred essence known as Bhakti, is beyond all designations of this world.


The Kingdom is not found through the ego, nor can it be seen with human eyes, nor heard with fleshly ears, and certainly is not attained without closing one’s eyes to every illusion.


Krishna Rose

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