Prostitutes Of Time

Jan 25, 2021 | devotion, God, spiritual

Water cannot give up its wet nature, similarly our Lord and Lady cannot give up Their love for us.

Thanks to Jesu we now live in a society where a man marries one wife. Before he came, men married multiple wives. If men got tired of one wife they could simply replace her, or go to another for comfort. Jesu taught and exemplified respect for women by marrying one woman – Mary Magdalene. He taught that men cannot satisfy even one woman entirely, what to speak of more. He taught by his example, that women are not merely tools for men’s grasping.

If we wish to end our struggles we shall have to walk in the footsteps of great personalities like Jesu and others. Devotees who are deeply attached to God out of great love are very dear to the Lord. Due to this eternal connection such pure Saints are able to offer great blessings to assist us in our journey. God’s nature is to protect and give unto such a dear soul. Water cannot give up its wet nature, similarly our Lord and Lady cannot give up Their love for us. Even if a pilgrim of faith were to fall into ill-repute still the Lord holds on tight, out of love.


We prostitute our time in so many ways … selling our time for money, power, and status. When death comes for us we shall realize how futile these things were and the prostitution of our souls will be a day of reckoning for us. Thus, we climb higher in our devotion, to find, that we can hold tight to our one-pointed devotion without wavering, despite life’s trials. At this most holy juncture, the Lord and His angels pull on the reins of our souls to draw us ever closer. Our Lord and Lady are eager to meet with us, and Their most pure and perfect love overflows into the heart of the devotee filling them with bliss. Thus, Creator and created are entirely beholden to one another. 

Therefore, any seeker of Truth should be determined to complete the process of devotion with intensity. To resolve to move forward by any means. Willing to risk everything out of great love for God, the seeker walks the narrow path, away from materialism, towards the Eternal Reality.

We must all at some point rise above the lower-nature to reach for higher ground. 

Krishna Rose

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