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Mar 7, 2022 | Jesus, Mary Magdalene, prayer

I pray that we fully realize God’s plan on earth, and ask that our spiritual guides and angels heal and protect you, as well as our collective at this time.

I greet you with a smile upon my face, as Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks has finally relaunched. It has been a while since it was on the shelves, so as the Magdalene rises and resurrects in the peoples hearts, as well as into cyber-space, I pray that her story touches you deeply. May her message, as light-bearer and truth-teller, be heard, accepted and realized within every aching heart, and may every stone of illusion be overturned due to the trance-language of light which she has revealed. With no mind, may we access and activate the holy spirit of conscious pure devotion and loving awareness. I pray that we fully realize God’s plan on earth, and ask that our spiritual guides and angels heal and protect you, as well as our collective at this time. Humanity depends on their mercy and grace.

Jesu and Mary Magdalene’s mission has only ever been about love;

Love for all living beings, but more essentially: Love for God.

Jesu taught that we should come to know our Creator through the practice of meditation, prayer, peacefulness, loving kindness, forgiveness and acceptance. He lived the example of freedom from fear, as well as extreme devotion whilst worshiping. Bhakti is not about which religion we follow, it’s about love, and is the only true path. But it is crucial that we understand our soul’s ultimate goal: to realize the Eternal Kingdom within the chapel of the heart. Why? Because nothing else will satisfy or offer everlasting respite. 

Satisfaction comes from the soul and since the soul is eternal, everlasting relationships are what we are searching for. We want freedom from death and dying. We want freedom from the constant cycles of reincarnation (samsara), which carry the soul from one life to the next, ongoingly causing us to suffer. These cycles are effortlessly annihilated and relinquished when we surrender to a daily spiritual practice like the chanting of God’s holy name. Therefore, I have created a series of videos on YouTube, to help you find a sadhana practice that resonates with you. No matter which faith you follow, I have presented a practical methodology that will assist you on your journey back Home. God promises us shelter when we call out His names, and He always follows through with His promises, as His very nature is pure, Almighty and noble.

Click here to watch:

Holy Name has the power to deliver us from death.  God’s power is invested in holy name, therefore it has the power to lift you out of every burden and trouble.

Krishna Rose

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