Proof of Ancient Faeries From India

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The Lord of Love, Sri Krishna and His consort, the Goddess Sri Radha enchant the inhabitants of Their magical faery forest land over and over with a beautiful eternal life of enchantment and bliss.

Having come from the land of England, I always had a great love of faery and folk tales. For as long as I can remember I was always imagining other realms, other than the one I was born into. On one of my many travels researching my forthcoming book, I traveled to India and discovered that faery worlds in great detail were documented within many of their ancient texts. Captivated by the tales of faeries in India I set about my research with fervent enthusiasm. There are detailed descriptions in many books, of a magical Kingdom which is held within a circle of forests, each with its own season and color. This place is said to be eternal and full of everlasting bliss. Those lucky souls who live within these enchanted forests are described as having ever increasing ecstasy at every moment, a place where every word is a song, and every step is a dance. The Lord of Love, Sri Krishna and His consort, the Goddess Sri-Radha, enchant the inhabitants of Their magical faery forest Kingdom over and over, with a beautiful days spent frolicking in enchantment. The Goddess, Sri Radha has hundreds-of-thousands of forest girlfriends who accompany Her and assist Her in Her divine play. These girls are called Manjari’s and they are the oldest known documented fairies in the world, though they never grow older than 14 years of age.

The Goddess, Sri Radha has hundreds-of-thousands of forest girlfriends who accompany Her and assist Her in Her divine play. These girls are called Manjari’s and they are the oldest known documented fairies in the world, though they never grow older than 14 years of age.

To relieve the fatigue of the nights dancing, Krishna enters the moon-lit river for fun and frolics. The Goddess and Her fairy-maids slowly enter the water, and Krishna splashes them, so they splash back, and the games begin. “It’s night time, yet the birds and the bees are mad after the blooming nectar, for the forests are alive with fragrance and joy, the likes of which have never been seen.” Seeing Krishna’s beautiful dancing eyes, the girls are struck with wonder, they wince, and quickly cover themselves and their faces with their hands feeling shy. The girls throw lotus flowers or thrash each other with flower-stems in their play. These flowers disperse intoxicating fragrance throughout the party, which drenches them all in an ecstasy which can hardly be contained! While drenched in the bliss of their water sports the red powder of Kum-Kum which was decorated upon their bodies, washes from their youthful limbs, their eye-kajal (black eye-liner) washes from their eyes, and their hair becomes undone from their long braids. The water colors mix and mingle and kiss the Lord’s body when they caress Him increasing his bliss. Krishna’s body is adorned with intoxicating ointments, such as camphor, musk, saffron, sandalwood and flowers, and the girls shiver in ecstasy as He embraces them through the element of water, as the ointments from His Divine body, touch their limbs playfully. The beautiful forest faeries have spray guns filled with gem-stone powders which have been mixed with herbs and spices. The colorful sport begins, drenching all their beautiful faces with all the colors of creation, but more so, enhancing all of their natural beauty and youthful happiness.

Every drop of color increases their ecstasy until they are all drowning in drunken happiness which cannot be measured.

When divine love overwhelms their minds, they become bewildered, and this state is experienced only by those privileged enough to be born within the magical forests of the Kingdom. On the night of the full-moon, the faerie-maidens known as Manjari’s have a special role to play during the Râsa-dancing. When the music begins, the heavens shake, as great heights of rapture ensue while they dance on the edge of the forest at night, under the full moon, beside the river. The watching peacocks, deer, squirrels and all the forest animals sway to and fro to the hypnotizing beat of the drums. The faerie maidens are expert at playing thousands of instruments, and each beat of the drum, and each strum of their many stringed instruments, send waves of euphoria throughout their group of friends. Tired they lounge about on fine cushions laid upon the soft grass, among the millions of fragrant flowers which bloom at their presence. The forest-fairy Manjari girls lovingly re-decorate Sri Radha’s exquisite golden body with designs made from the crushed jewels which were freshly picked from wish-fulling trees within the heart of forests earlier that day.

The forests are filled with trees bursting, laden with sweet juicy fruits and gems of all varieties. Any wish will be granted to someone’s yearning beside these trees. The girls then present Radha and Krishna with sweets to eat and drinks made of herbs and flowers, as well as baskets filled with clothes, jewels, oils, scents and heavenly powders and clays from the forest. These are meant for everyone’s decoration. Each basket is marked with the name of whom it is for.

Thus the forest faeries, called Manjaris, take the baskets and begin outfitting Krishna and His Goddess Sri Radha.

The various services of the forest-maid Manjari’s are gathering herbs and flowers, picking jewels from the unlimited wish-fulfilling tree’s and grinding them into powders for makeup and body art. All of the forest-girls are expert at speaking the language of animals. They are also learned in poetry, language, wit, dancing, music, herbology, astrology, palmistry, art, Kama Sutra (arts of love), and many other faery-like things.

Krishna and His forest Queen, Sri Radha, are brought to a secret place (kunja) in one of the beautiful forests where They enjoy past-times together. The faery girls hide behind bowers and creepers, and peek through the vines which are like windows, to see the beautiful lovers together enjoying one another’s company. The forest girls sing and hum very sweet melodies in harmony with one another, and play soft instruments to enhance the romance and moods of the Divine God and Goddess. At this time, all the sensations within Sri Radha’s graceful youthful Divine body become one with the feelings of the pure-hearted fairy Manjari girls. This is called being tad-atmika. This literally means, the forest maids become one with the heart and soul of the Goddess Sri Radha, when She experiences Her most intimate and blissful moments with the Divine God Sri Krishna. In this way the fairy-maidens of Radha experience the highest states of divine ecstasy known to all of creation, for there is no bliss higher than that of the Goddess.

When these past-times are complete, the forest-maids leave and return to their cottages in the forest. Each girl has her own special designated area of the forest where they live.

The beauty and majesty of that eternal Kingdom is revealed within the ancient scriptural writings of India, some of which have been described here. It is considered to be a real place, a place which can be attained by one’s wish to be part of such eternal wonder. These are considered to be descriptions of the world known as the Kingdom of God. Spiritual seekers around the globe meditate on these eternal forests in the hope of one day entering. Every Saint, Avatar and Prophet and history spoke of this Kingdom, and told us to seek it out.

Here in the ancient scriptures of India, that eternal Kingdom is described in great detail, and there are faeries there!

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