Peace & Truth In A Time Of Great Unrest

Feb 1, 2021 | devotion, God, spiritual

The simplicity of nature has been disturbed and all that we have known to be right and true in the world is changing and being challenged. 

It is time to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and get on with it. We, as human beings, have throughout the ages found ways to adapt to dramatic life changes such as war and strife. This last year, we have seen a great divide amongst the people all across the world. Whether it be between those who are for or against Brexit, or for or against President Trump, or pro-life / pro-abortion, we are weakened as a humanity by our divisions. Meanwhile, and somewhat hypocritically, at the same time we have become more tolerant of our religious differences, sexual preferences, and issues of race. We now have 76 genders according to the ‘powers that be’ and this number is growing rapidly. Meanwhile, people have no tolerance for differences of beliefs when it comes to politics. It is hypocrisy at its worst.

The simplicity of nature has been disturbed and all that we have known to be right and true in the world is changing and being challenged. 

In one way or another we have seen the marked degradation of morality and etiquette amongst the human species. Not since the dark days of the witch hunts and inquisition have we seen so much finger-pointing, belittling, shaming, and raging amongst the people. Certainly, I never thought I would live to see a day when the President of the United States would be unashamedly vilified, disrespected, or banned from television and the internet. Whether you are for Trump or not, this is not the real issue at hand. This climate of impolite vulgarity towards one another must stop. Like a persecution of sorts, over the last four years, we have seen supporters of the President, blocked, threatened, and suppressed. So what can we do to help calm things down?

Despite the global unrest, let us vow together, as a Grail community, to choose consciousness over unconsciousness. Let us not fall into these traps of separation, for we give our power away. Personal sovereignty and free-will, which the Lord has given us, means that we each have the right to believe, think and live as we wish. Now more than ever we should choose wakeful kindness over illusional ignorance.

Our tolerance has been put to the test.

With great cause,

We should now follow the ways of love and compassion,

Toward all living beings,

This is the path of Feminine Divine…


Spirit is so much more than politics. We have to dig deeper than this. Love rules, plain and simple. The only true fight is the fight for our soul’s freedom from illusion. The wicked-minded rulers win when we separate. United we are strong. Let us not allow our differences to define who we are, for in truth, we are one family before God. Let us reunite and treat every living being with enormous care and respect. Let us not fall into the trap of making offenses to one another by mind, words, or deeds. Instead, we may fall into the secure arms of Divine protection, keeping our minds focused on God and the Eternal Reality. All other distractions are nothing but distractions. They are temporary and shall not help us at the hour of our death.


We have put our hope in politicians who are not what they seem. We have given our power away by believing in them, rather than in Divinity. Be reminded that the only real truth and power is God’s love. Those who rule today, shall in the next, fall, shamefully reduced to nothing.


Building security roots in this world is futile,

For death comes to us all and makes all things right.

Krishna Rose

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