Outrage: Breathe In And Out

Dec 21, 2020 | God, religion, woman

The pure love of Divinity can transform us, for when the heart opens anything becomes possible.

With the world absorbed in political unrest and uncertainty, the pandemic, and misinformation in the media, we can see that we are indeed on the precipice of change. Never before have we been so called to enter into the Divine Feminine mysteries for our answers, for sustenance, for comfort, and for guidance. While the earth rebirths Herself, we shall find, more than ever before, that if we seek security and happiness in this world we are sure to be disappointed. 


The internal realm, which holy name offers as a revelation, is our hope, our protection, and our peace. The pure love of Divinity can transform us, for when the heart opens anything becomes possible. Our expressions of devotion may not materialize in the same way as others, worry not, allow whatever is inside of you to emerge, for there is no wrong way to express devotion. With active periods of discipline, repetition, trial, and error, your spiritual practice will always be perfect and full of possibility.


This human life was birthed from the womb of our mother’s female line. Our heritage activates and sustains how we keep home, how we are as parents, our relationship to food, our health, our emotional ability to cope during difficult times, and even the peacefulness of our sleep. Much of how we manage stress is dependent upon our ancestors’ life challenges. The receptive codes of our DNA, not only decide the color of our skin, hair, and eyes, but also our relationship with Divinity, money, and sense of outrage.


Yet this love that we breathe in and out, is the love that we are. God’s grace is always available to us, we need only align with and embody it. Whenever we reunite with this ever-present force of love, we rise above human DNA, as well as the collective consciousness, the narrative of which is controlled over by our media sources. We are fundamentally changed by our Creators who make broken things whole once more.

Krishna Rose

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Krishna Rose

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