Open Up The Doors Of Your Perception: Divine Love

Apr 5, 2021 | God, Goddess, Mary Magdalene

There is only one God and Goddess, under many names, and we are all brothers and sisters before Them.

Jesu and Mary Magdalene taught us how to walk from temporary life to eternal life, to repent and rectify our wrong-doings, and to destroy the roots of all our illusions. They spoke gospels promising freedom from future grief, and they led by example, how to live in the Realm of non-attachment, surrender, and devoted service unto God. They knew that the root cause of all suffering is sin. Thus, the Messianic cause gives Jesu and his wife, Mary Magdalene, enormous ability to affect change, for both are infused with Divine empowerment, born of the Divine love they are embodying at this time.

They realized that all of humanity is walking a tight-rope, on a slippery-path, between life and death… and heaven and hell.


When the seeds of our unyielding desires finally come to an end, which are the cause of so much struggle for us, our consciousness becomes ready to receive and contain the frequency of Divine love. There, upon the canvas of our hearts, we shall at that time behold a vision of our Lord and Lady, God and Goddess, and enter the Eternal Reality, The Kingdom of God. There is only one God and Goddess, under many names, and we are all brothers and sisters before Them. This is the truth, everything else is an illusion.

Where there is envy,

Let us embody support,

And where there is pride,

Let us embody humility,

Where there is pain,

Let us offer Thy mercy,

Where there is war,

Empower us with Your peace,

Where there is weakness,

Fill us with the strength to deliver,

Have mercy on our souls,

And forgive us our weaknesses.

As in Your name all things are made possible.

– Krishna Rose – The Secrets in the Mirror (new book coming soon)

Krishna Rose

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