My Journey with Prayer & Contemplation

Jun 5, 2022 | love, prayer, spiritual

We crave freedom because in spirit we are free.

I pray you are well in mind, body and spirit despite the frustration of the uncertain times we now sadly live in. I have been spending more time at home in nature, less and less time on-line, praying and contemplating, navigating my way through the life experiment. I notice that on the days when I pray, chant and meditate with the inner-mind, it is as if my woes have been lifted from me. I am also more energetic and inspired. Similarly, I notice on days when I do not make time for my spiritual practices, that I struggle and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. There are so many injustices in this world, past and present, that leave one feeling exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed. Yet I find when I utter God’s names prayerfully, there is a marked difference in how I feel. I feel lighter, as if my burdens have been lifted from me.


Chanting on beads (japa-mala) with holy name on my mind, helps calm any anxiousness I might be feeling that day. I become happier and am more easily able to cope with the stresses and strains of life. However, when I don’t make time for spiritual practices I sink into a stupor of ignorance, boredom, unhappiness and overwhelm. I feel like no one can understand what I am going through, and, in truth, I think we all feel that way sometimes. No one can measure what another is experiencing, no matter how close someone may be to that person. Our experience of life is personal to the self alone, therefore Jesu taught “Lest you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, do not judge.”


We are born into the flesh and when we die we leave behind this body and false-identity to re-enter the world of spirit from whence we came. When we indulge in spiritual communion we enter the vibrations and frequencies of the Divine, bliss floods the mind and spirit, this is because God is the Source of love, peace and happiness.


Spiritual practices activate and inspire creativity, because God is the Almighty Creator and we are made of His eternal loving energy. 


Self-expression is natural to the soul. It is unnatural for us to be withheld. Yet, stoicism is found in abundance amongst the higher classes. This is because many of them are not what they appear to be. Therefore, stoicism is used as an unemotional tool to hide the truth of who they are, as well as their secrets, which, if discovered, would destroy their positions in society entirely. We crave freedom because in spirit we are free. It is only when we are born into flesh that karma takes hold of us, and karma is best described as the shackles and chains of our past misdeeds. Therefore, we suffer. 

Holy name evokes happiness, peace and inspiration, therefore, I invite you to try repetitive chanting as an effective antidote for stress, worry, fear and insecurity. Any heaviness that we might be feeling will be lifted.


By design, spiritual practices like chanting, allow the mind to naturally look to the good in others. God is inside of everyone. This does not mean that we won’t notice people’s flaws, it simply means we choose not to focus on them. 

My offerings of prayer and healing are open to all, anytime.

My work is always free. Love is my church and currency.


If you would like for me to pray for you or a loved one, respond to this newsletter giving me basic details of why this person needs help. My wish to heal and uplift people is very real. It is a huge part of who I am. I will never charge for my healing work, as it is God’s work.


Krishna Rose

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Krishna Rose