Mary Magdalene: The Return Of The Feminine

Mar 14, 2022 | Krishna, Mary Magdalene, woman

Now, with Mary Magdalene’s revolution of hope and peace, divine inspiration again rises like the morning sun on the horizon.

Did DaVinci leave clues hinting to the marriage of Christ and Mary Magdalene? Was he a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, an organization that protected the bloodline heirs and relics for centuries?

Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks is a book to be savored. It is deep like the sky. This is no mere work of fiction, therefore, I invite you to savor each word within its pages, as Mary Magdalene’s voice is relatable, poetic and full of spiritual activations. For this reason, take time to ponder the insightful, weighty codes of enlightenment therein contained. Permit the deepest of truths to bless your consciousness with wisdom. Like scripture, read this book slowly and allow yourself to be kissed by the language of divine love. As the beautiful mind of Mary Magdalene unfolds, her tower-like strength becomes her, and our, legacy. Her poetic words are spiritual activations that grow like seeds, bringing light to the darkness of our illusions. This Messianic bequeathal is certainly a catalyst for self-change, as Mary Magdalene’s intimate accounts of Christ’s life, teachings and ways will empower and revolutionize how you think, live and die.

After thirty years of in-depth study, meditation, fasting and prayer, I decided to put pen to paper and rewrite history, to present a more accurate life of Jesu and Mary Magdalene. Though it is a work of historical fiction, Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks is so much more than just a novel. Written in a state of trance, Magdalene’s voice is light-language, authentic to her period. Therefore, I invite you to proceed with a relaxed, open mind, and become filled with the treasures of spirit.

I give thanks to Mary Magdalene and Jesu for allowing me to witness the full-extent of their difficult, yet blessed lives. Having been the instrument of their pen, to bring light to their restoration, I feel grateful and honored to have been given this task. The Feminine Divine’s absence from religion was long and dark. Now, with Mary Magdalene’s revolution of hope and peace, divine inspiration again rises like the morning sun on the horizon. Her reappearance has paved the way for Mother Divine’s restoration at the left side of God, but also in the people’s hearts.

We are on the precipice of change,

All hail to the return of the Feminine Divine!

The Goddess restored, shines Her love & compassion into the collective!

The prophesied Golden-Age is here!

We shall celebrate, pray and be at peace,

United under one God, throughout the lands.

It is a prophecy, therefore it shall be so.

Historically speaking, Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks is possibly the truest story of Christ you will ever read. Certainly, it offers answers to many questions that are missing from the New Testament, such as, ‘what happened next, after the crucifixion?’ And though some may call me a ‘heretic’, they cannot prove me wrong. Therefore, I stand strong knowing that what has been written is sacred, true and blessed. 

Krishna Rose

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