Mary Magdalene & The Arthurian Legends

Feb 28, 2021 | Christ, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua

Mary Magdalene holds nothing back. Hers is a purifactory path, as she reveals to us our shadows: selfishness, weakness, and addictions.

What is the connection between the Arthurian legends and Jesu and Mary Magdalene? This is a question I have asked myself since I visited Glastonbury, England, aged 18 years old. In the process of writing Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, I too felt the story of Morgana Le-Fay calling me from the grave … just as I had the story of Mary Magdalene. For here lies the story of another wronged woman in history, misrepresented as a heretic witch.


The Grail mysteries begin with the family of Christ. The Arthurian bloodline is from the very same ancient heritage of Kings as Jesus. Just 500 years after the time of our Messianic power couple, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, King Arthur and his half-sister Morgana, ruled Britannia bringing peace to a fractured society. Arthur ruled the world we see with our eyes, while Morgana ruled the inner-realms, where few dare to tread.


Descended from Mary Magdalene and Jesus, King Arthur and Morgana Le Fay were immaculate representatives of Divinity on earth. All nobility was within them. Magic and pure-hearted wisdom flowed within their veins such that none could deny the respect they were due. People followed them because their ideals of Camelot were likened to the romance and chivalry found within the Kingdom of God.


The Grail is different for everyone according to their knowledge, intuition, and research. For me it will always be the bloodline of Mary Magdalene, from her womb into the world. However, the Magdalene line has more to it than meets the eye, as she teaches the ways of the Feminine Divine. As Kallah-Messiah, the Feminine Christ, she leads us to the path of service, where we might serve our Divine Mother in the most pure hearted way. Mary Magdalene holds nothing back. Hers is a purifactory path, as she reveals to us our shadows: selfishness, weakness, and addictions. She shines light on our iniquities so that we might accept ourselves, accept others, and dive deep for the jewels of Divine revelation. These are the lessons of the Magdalene. These were also the teachings of her Master and husband, Yeshua – Jesu.

If I ever decide to write another historical novel, it would be based on the life of Morgana Le Fay, another Woman in Red… betrayed, wronged, vilified, and lied about. Perhaps her story needs writing and righting too?


Krishna Rose

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  1. Danielle

    I would love for you to write a novel about Morgana le Fay. I have been thinking that this needs to happen a lot lately and I am committed to righting her story and legacy. Thank you for such an intuitive and informative article. ♡


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