Magdalene’s Lessons Of Understanding

Dec 28, 2020 | grief, happiness, spiritual

The fact of the matter is, when we remain present whilst praying and meditating, despite our physical or mental challenges, we win.

Pain and struggle are our best friends. We should bow before our troubles with folded palms understanding the gifts that they bring. In gratitude for the blessings they bestow, be reminded of how each trial in this life has caused a strengthening in you … how your faith was increased because of the challenges you faced and survived. When we remember that everything happening to us and everything we experience is perfectly designed for our spiritual unfoldment, we begin to see great value in sorrow and strife. Not that we go looking for it, but that when it comes, we find the space inside for acceptance and compassion. We discover creative ways to make the best of every situation.


Great masters also experience trials and tribulations,

Yet they accept their difficulties differently to us.


Because they are totally nonresistant,

They live in the moment,

Accepting every experience as another wave that passes through them;

They simply witness,

Not grabbing onto pleasure,

Not pushing away pain.

That is true freedom.


Every painful situation that you experience, is designed just for you, so that you may learn a special lesson. The purpose of each lesson is to bring you deeper and into faith and love. What comes to you, comes perfectly. It comes in just the right way, to awaken all that needs to be awakened. Life’s difficulties are doorways into transformation. If we can just relax and remain totally open – miracles come through. Fear, disappointment and frustration, transform into love.


Herein lie the roots of our misery and anger:

We choose the easy path, 

Returning to our distracted, wakeful life—avoiding Divine revelation.


The fact of the matter is, when we remain present whilst praying and meditating, despite our physical or mental challenges, we win. We enter the mysteries of the soul. Due to our lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest, or lack of self-indulgence, we may find that we become restless, discouraged, and exasperated. We all too easily give up our search, choosing the familiar, over the unfamiliar. Remember, to give up is to lose. You snooze – you lose.

Krishna Rose

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“My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys,
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Krishna Rose

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