Magdalene Codes: The Crumbling Paradigm Of Wickedness

Nov 22, 2021 | Goddess, Mary Magdalene, scripture

And though these times may at times seem frightening, the faithful should trust in God’s plan.

We are standing on the precipice of historical change. As the patriarchy dissolves, we shall move through an inevitable and crucial reorganization. Thus, our global human and spiritual family is currently being activated by limitless Messianic ascension codes. These times have been spoken of in Vedic and Biblical scriptures. The prophesied Golden Age is here, as of 2021 we are approximately five-hundred years into this much anticipated time. Great change and mercy are upon us due to the returning Feminine Divine, who impregnates, carries, and birth’s peace and spiritual wisdom. The sincere shall inherit the earth once the cleansing is complete. This is the prophecy, but, in order for the Golden Age’s consecration to fully manifest and blossom, the wickedness must first be cleansed from our collective.


Dark powers have controlled the people and animals of earth in their vile clutches for centuries. Their evil must break and fall if we are to rebirth the world into harmony. Like Rome, religious institutions, governments and royal courts who suck the life-blood of human happiness for their own gain, must be released from their seats of power. All global illusions must be undone if we are to truly be sovereign… free to sustain ourselves without fear of being harmed.

Those who have misled the earth’s inhabitants these past two-thousand years, must pay for the lies and wrong doings said and done in Jesu’s name. They shall be undone by Mary Magdalene’s cause, which has the power to expose those who have built their strength from the bones from human innocence. They shall crack and crumble to dust in our time. Thus, as the patriarchy lessens its control over humans, animals and nature, spiritual love and prosperity shall more freely bloom through the beating heart of society. And though these times may at times seem frightening, the faithful should trust in God’s plan.

The balance of our Divine Mother’s restoration showers wisdom, purity and virtue into our troubled world. Therefore, the lies of the mundane world shall be revealed and baptized by the light which exposes and dissolves the darkness. To allow Her full restoration in the fertile soil of the peoples’ hearts, the Goddess promises mercy. Our Grail Queen, Mary Magdalene, is a key player in this process, as it was with her propaganda story that the Goddess was removed to give the patriarchy power over the wealth of the lands and its people. They usurped something pure with something impure. This is nothing new, as whenever a prophet or saint appears, the demonic classes swoop in and take charge. With fear, they then enforce their agendas upon the innocent, like wolves in sheep’s clothing, distracting and delaying our progress on the path.

With Jesu’s wife neatly set aside, the Feminine lost Her voice. Therefore, the rising voice of the Magdalene declares this earth as holy ground in Goddess’s name. We are called to exalt, bless and hallow each moment, and this is how we shall transform ourselves and the collective. The supernatural peace of Divine Mother’s love makes right all that is broken inside and outside of us. Simultaneously, She mends all that is weak and sick in us as a society. With Her return, we are experiencing rapid transformations in the collective as Her frequencies and vibrations of love, overpower ancient evil. Just as a tsunami effortlessly takes the land unto itself, the demons can no longer maintain their hold over humanity. For the next nine-thousand-five-hundred years it is prophesied, therefore it shall be so. So mote it be. Amein. 

Krishna Rose

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