Land of Myth, Magic & Grail Legend: Glastonbury – Part 3

May 16, 2022 | Christ, church, Mary Magdalene

There is a real sense of magic in these places, as if the otherworlds and afterlife realities are very close, and they are.

We are once again taking a look at the historic town of Glastonbury in Somerset, England. Though the original Abbey is in ruins, thanks to Henry VIII, it is still a highly sought after spiritual destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. Hippies, music lovers, healers, spiritual seekers and religious pilgrims mix with Druids, witches and pagans, creating an eclectic blend of free-thinkers and strangeness. Some could say that Glastonbury is like Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, certainly, for those of us who do not fit into ‘normal’ society, there is a place for us alongside the other misfits and legends that live and visit Glastonbury’s mystical land.


Within the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, the remains of King Arthur and his controversial wife, Queen Guinevere, were found. Certainly, 1,500 years ago, the town was an island surrounded by water, thus, rumors have hung heavy in the air that Glastonbury is the fabled Isle of Avalon, the enchanted land of myth and magic.


I think it is fascinating that Lancelot du Lac translated from French into English means Lancelot of the Lake. Sir Lancelot was the grandson of Viviane du Lac the famed “Lady of the Lake” and unfortunately it was he who was the downfall of Arthur’s Camelot empire. The Du Lac family lived in Brittany in Northern France and were well-known aristocratic descendents of Mary Magdalene and Christ.


King Arthur’s Knights of the round-table swore to protect, seek and find the holy grail. So what are the secrets of the grail? Is it a cup from the last supper, or a magical cup containing Yeshua’s blood? Could it be the secret bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as many believe, or is it the body of Mary Magdalene, the womb that carried Christ’s heirs?


Firstly I wish to say that I do not believe for a moment that any one of Jesus’s family members would have held a cup to catch his blood while he was dying upon the cross. Nor would his friends or followers have considered keeping a relic of the cross. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Why would Jesu’s loved ones revere the instrument of his torture? Such things are worth pondering for more than a moment, don’t you think?


Though pilgrimage places may be far away, we are always invited to connect with their frequencies and vibrations. Certainly, I myself spend time in meditation connecting with Glastonbury and other energetic sweet spots where the veil between realities are palpably thin. There is a real sense of magic in these places, as if the otherworlds and afterlife realities are very close, and they are. Remember, the mind and consciousness are best utilized when meditating and connecting with Divinity, but they can also be used to tune into places of worship at any moment, to gain the blessings and assistance of the angels and ancestors of that land.

Woman in Red by Krishna Rose, featuring my daughter, Syamali.

My alchemical wizardry: Music video filmed on location at Glastonbury Abbey.


Krishna Rose

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