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Aug 30, 2021 | devotion, God, spiritual

Our sacred duty is to first save ourselves from death and rebirth, then others.

During these challenging times it will be important for us to bring the good people of earth together. United as brothers and sisters, we should support, protect, and nourish each other. As we move through these global changes our generosity will lead the way for our children and our childrens’ children. Since they shall inherit the society we leave behind, let us lead by example, remembering that with God’s love all things are made possible. Let us teach by example, spending time each day connecting with and developing a relationship with the Eternal. Without this, we are lost, lifetime after lifetime. Our sacred duty is to first save ourselves from death and rebirth, then others. So let us be the change in consciousness. Change begins with you.


Mary Magdalene’s profound Feminine wisdom is calling us to rise up in consciousness together, united, as one spiritual and human family.

When you look out at nature’s profound beauty, know that God reaching for you, to remind you of the Kingdom and its eternal beauty. The phases of Her moon remind us of ancient wisdom, as She beckons us with Her cooling rays, soothing us, as only a Mother can. She is guiding us toward a life in harmony with God and each other, therefore, we are called to tear down every wall that has separated us. To unchain ourselves from any narrow-mindedness to which we have subscribed. Every dividing force that prevents us from loving and accepting one another, must surely crumble and fall. For no matter which faith, political party, color, sex, or country we belong to, we are one family before God. Of this there can be no doubt. God is always One and therefore God’s name in any tongue, is always pure. Let us regain what was lost, by reuniting with one another in spirit. This is the prophecy fulfilled in Jesu’s name. So mote it be.

Krishna Rose

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