Heal Thyself

Jan 24, 2022 | Goddess, love, prayer, spiritual

Allow Her merciful frequency to lift you out of fear and sadness forever.

Let go of the heaviness. The exhaustion. Shake off the burdens that have weighed you down. Let them dissolve into the arms of the holy spirit that flows into you and through you. Feel Divine Mother’s love reach for you. Sense Her sweet presence offering you respite from your troubles. Allow Her merciful frequency to lift you out of fear and sadness forever. Her embrace melts and dissolves your self-doubt which comes from seeking approval in this world, instead of the Divine. Her loving arms lift the heaviness of your flesh. Let the weight of your worrisome thoughts go. Every place where you hold yourself back… surrender. Allow yourself to open up. Be present. Sense your inner-light grow, and expand your energy-field in the brightness of your soul’s perfection. 

Queen of Creation, please bless us with Your mercy!!!

The frequency of divine perfection allows every dis-ease to be healed.

In Jesus’s name, so mote it be.

Reminded of your flawless goodness, and transcendence, you overflow with compassion for the world, reaching for those who are suffering, with your intention and energy. All of nature responds and receives your thoughtfulness. Pouring loving kindness into the world, like a mother to a child, envelop the planet with peacefulness. The world can feel it. You have the power to make earth into a better place, as love is the supreme power and force in Creation. There is no finer or higher frequency than love, especially when one is filled with love for God. Bhakti (pure devotion) is the most potent voltage for the soul. The entire atmosphere of our lives becomes blessed when the climate of pure devotion is activated, received and then delivered unto others. Sharing is caring, so give of yourself generously. Bless your body, bless your mind and sanctify your spirit in this remembrance.

Krishna Rose

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  1. Kathy Quinn Archambeau

    I have been receiving your emails , they have stopped coming, I searched my spam folders and nothing there either.
    Trying to rejoin your email list as I have been enjoying your posts from the beginning of your publishing “Woman in Red”!
    I truly miss your emails Krishna♥️🌹🙏


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