Happy New Year: Light Dissolves Darkness

Jan 1, 2022 | Christ, church, happiness

When we don’t live life to its fullest extent, we are unhappy, and we become stuck in situations that make us unhappy. 

As we cross the threshold from Christmas into the new year, we leave behind a blessed season of bhakti-yoga (the practice of devotion). We have celebrated, venerated, worshipped, and reflected upon our past, present and future. Autumn and Winter seasons are the sacred womb of life. They call us away from selfishness, into generosity. Personally, I believe that Christ would wish us to make Christmas an every-day remembrance. For if our Messiah inspires pure devotion, kindness, compassion, and love, then surely we should follow his example year round. Not just at this time of year.

Christ was originally known as Krst, son of Krishna. It was a name given to him, like a nickname, by the priests of Kashmir. “Krst” became Kristos under Greek influence, then Krist under Latin. This later sounded like Christ, due to different dialects. The point is, Christ called us to leave behind what no longer serves our highest good. He led by example, that we should let go of bad habits in place of good ones. To reflect upon the challenges we’ve faced, the difficulties we may yet face, and the lessons we have learned, always trusting in the Divine plan for our life.

There is perfection in every experience. No matter what situation we face, we are always divinely protected. The birds always find shelter and food, given unto them by the Lord. Jesu taught that if God takes such care of the birds, how much more will the Lord take care of us, when we trust in Him. Therefore, as this New Year portal opens to you, be fearless in your resolve. Stand strong in your spiritual sovereignty. You may not be able to control the flow of life but you always learn to adjust, no matter how hard it gets. We adapt in order to survive, until our day of reckoning takes us into the great unknown. Until that day, be fearless in pursuit of your goals and dreams. Reach for them without expectation or attachment to the results. This is our work. The goal is not what you achieve, how many followers you have, or how much you have accrued… the goal is happiness, surrender, and devotion to God.

When we don’t live life to its fullest extent, we are unhappy, and we become stuck in situations that make us unhappy. There is something inside of every soul that aches to be expressed through the flesh. Our talents are unique. Yet, not one of us is above the other, even though some may have more, or be more well known for what they do. Fame is not what we crave. Money is not what we chase. Happiness is. Do fame and money bring happiness? No. 

A contented person is one who lives fearlessly. Who is willing to be themselves in every situation, without changing who they are to fit in with society, friends, or family. For me, as I move into 2022, I am seeing where I have allowed laziness, due to sickness, to hold me back from fulfilling many creative projects. I realize that if I wish to be happy that I must rise above my body and its heaviness, aches and pains, wants and needs, if I am to fulfill what I came here to earth for.

The truth is, we all want to be happy, and we make great efforts every day to satisfy our wants, needs, and desires. Yet still, so few people are actually happy. This is because we search in all the wrong places for satisfaction. The only true source of fulfillment is found in our growing relationship with God and Goddess.

Krishna Rose

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