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Sep 6, 2021 | God, love, prayer

There are fundamental misunderstandings about life, death, and the afterlife. About heaven and hell… but moreso, about the eternal Kingdom.

Brothers and Sisters, we are not here to have conflict with one another. We are here to birth love. Our souls are duty bound to work together during these changing times. To protect and care for one another, we are called to be generous and share what we have, trusting in the Lord’s bounty. In every situation we face, let us remember to embody love. For when God’s love flows effortlessly through our body, mind, and intention, we heal all that is broken inside and outside of us.

When we sustain ourselves from the fount of Divine love,

Goodness, kindness, and beauty become part of who we are,

For we are filled with Eternal grace.

Humanity and the natural world have suffered long enough under patriarchal rule. A restoration in spirit is taking place as the Feminine is embodying through us. Her energy and frequencies of love are inside and outside of us. Therefore, do not fear or resist change. Trust in it and you will be free, for as the patriarchy falls, Her return will embrace humanity’s hearts in boundless acceptance. Innocence shall be restored.

“Lest we be like children we shall not enter the Kingdom of God” Jesu taught. What is the speciality of children, which we lose as adults? It is our innocence. The spirit shines through, egoless, unaffected, and untainted by the shadows of this world.

Allow the sacred pool of Divine realization, remembrance, and fulfillment, bless and baptize your consciousness now and evermore. God bless you.


Grow a garden, but also grow the garden of your heart, as with God’s love all things are made possible. Become pregnant, full of limitless potential. When you realize this truth, you will become the embodiment of Divine love. This is a revolution in spirit, for our souls are immeasurably filled with Creation ability. Change begins with each of us, and this will ripple out into the collective like a wave of bliss. So mote it be.

Krishna Rose

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