Dissuaded From Holiness: The Cause Of Spiritual Distraction

Oct 25, 2021 | devotion, prayer, spiritual

We can rise up empowered, strong and inspired when we are sovereign in our thoughts and habits.

Continuing on from last week’s rather handsome discussion, today we shall behold how the rakshasas have distracted us to slow our spiritual growth. Demons have no emotion. They do not show emotion because they have no feelings. They are not human. Lacking in sensitivity they do not know how to respond to human emotions like love, spontaneous joy, or natural self-expression. Thus, the elites promote stoicism, casual coldness, and reserve as signs of class and acceptable societal cool. Meanwhile, those who express too much of themselves are labeled as mad, over-the-top, or attention seeking. Princess Diana was a perfect example of this. Yet in truth, such people often have a message and a story to tell humanity that goes against the grain, which swims upstream against the current of what is acceptable in society at large. 

We have unconsciously learned that it is not safe to share and express our real feelings about just about everything. We learned from very early on, to pretend not to have feelings. We hide our hurt, we conceal our anger, we accept rather than question things, and we put out of sight our spontaneous excitement and enthusiasm in relationships. Fear of natural self-expression controls us and affects every aspect of our lives. We have also forgotten how to worship, pray, and ritualize together as a human tribe. The truth is we have forgotten how to live without distractions. We do not know ourselves, we do not know God, and we do not know where or how to find lasting happiness. The further we are from our truth, the further we are from happiness and energy.

The less dulled down we are from the matrix’s frequencies, vibrations and belief-systems the more we can fill ourselves with holy spirit. We can rise up empowered, strong and inspired when we are sovereign in our thoughts and habits. This is why there has been such a push in the last fifty years to get humanity addicted to and reliant upon cell phones, television, and legal and illegal drugs… to dull down our light.

Hollywood and the music industry has promoted and sold us sin to distract us from our true passion, power, and purpose. The rakshasas have filled our atmosphere and bodies with toxic food, water, and energies such as electromagnetic frequencies that numb our thinking power. We are too tired and distracted to come from a place of strength and natural energetic response. Therefore, we must brush ourselves off from the webs of deception and rise up in spirit if we are to regain our personal sovereignty.

Lower-vibration creatures feed on fear, therefore, they fill our collective climate with stress, uneasiness, and frightful dread. A demon, or someone possessed by a demon, is not sympathetic toward others’ misery. They feel no “care”. There is something missing. The light has gone from their eyes. Such foul beings feel no empathy for those who suffer – human or animal. Something inhuman enters those who submit to the cause of evil. The rakshasas know the power of magic, so they bombard us with energetic and physical serpents (worms) of malintent, finding many clever ways to control what we think and believe. Just as in a video game we control the imaginary body in the game we are playing, in one way or another, they control us and feast on our unhappiness and fear. Thus, our distracted unconscious habits and addictions deprive us of our sovereign power. Christ knew this, therefore he told us to fast from excessive enjoyment and pleasures of the flesh, but also from the world. We are instructed to fast from our distractions.

By following Shabbat we create an opportunity to receive the gifts of withdrawal from modern life and activities. This holy day happens once a week and was given to us so that we would have undistracted time for family, health and worship. In truth, Shabbat can be experienced on any day of the week that best suits your family dynamic, but traditionally it is celebrated on Friday night. The day is not as important as the intention of practically withdrawing from illusion.


Thinking for ourselves, it is crucial that we distinguish what is right from wrong, and who is friend or foe. A free-thinking human will always stand up for truth and freedom… the right to live according to one’s own conscience, rather than being told what to believe and think. It is important that we do not succumb by allowing ourselves to be bullied into doing something that we are not comfortable with. No matter how embarrassing the situation may be, we always have the right to say no and walk away, to express ourselves clearly and with strength to uphold righteousness and self-respect in any given situation, without fear of being judged, or vilified, for having a different viewpoint than the mainstream thinking tank.


Darkness lurks in our constant wanting. The demands of the flesh and mind are always seducing us, therefore, it is crucial that we separate fact from fiction. To lift the veil on every deception so that we may choose where and how to spend whatever time we have left on earth. To dissuade ourselves from future suffering through the art of holy living. Lord Jesus knew that with God’s power, he could unleash demonic hold over the body and mind. Thus, he exorcised the sick to make them well again. Lord Krishna also came to earth to kill the rakshasas (demons) who were disturbing the atmosphere 5,000 years ago. He did this to alleviate the world’s burdens. Christ knew that Satan’s serpents, energetic and physical, attach to the body causing dis-ease. He also knew that these foul creatures must be cleansed from the flesh if we are to resurrect within the life and power of our eternal undying soul.


Krishna Rose

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