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May 3, 2021 | grief, jewish, sadness

To hear the truth, is to pour light into the darkness, so that it may be exposed and disbanded.

Today’s newsletter is different than normal. I feel called to speak out in protest of what is happening to the children. As a spiritual being, I feel protective over anyone who is suffering… animal or human. No matter which political party we follow, or what our faith may be, we, as a humanity, should never accept perversion towards children. Nor should we allow close our eyes to the millions of minors being trafficked all around the world. We, as a people, united, should demand for such depravity to be permanently removed from society, so that child-sex preference is never accepted as ‘a new normal’. For indeed, that is where we are headed as a society if we don’t do something about it.

There are so many degrading things in society today, which have been imposed on us… especially regarding women and children. Since when is ‘the new normal’ sex with children? Such behavior is not normal, nor should it ever be. It is a crime, and such evil must be stopped! No excuse. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) happens, whether we believe in it or not. Those who wish to turn from it are no better than those who turned a blind eye to the millions of Jewish families sent to concentration camps. These matters should be the biggest news, yet few speak of it.

Listening to the voices of those who have survived SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) at the hands of cruel rich masters around the world, surely, our duty is to hear their plight. To hold space for their healing and to acknowledge their pain. To do something to support them in their recovery. To turn a blind eye, is to pretend that such things do not exist, so that we might continue with our superficial living.


Many children are raised in environments which lead them to be sacrificially raped and murdered, yet the leaders of society do nothing. Why? Because it is royalty, politicians, Hollywood, and the music industry, who are the foul creatures partaking in such criminal wickedness. Our duty is to speak the truth fearlessly. We should not care if people unfollow us or dislike us for speaking up. To hear the truth, is to pour light into the darkness, so that it may be exposed and disbanded. We do this for the sake of the children, and our children’s children.


How did so many Jewish people come to be sacrificed in gas chambers? Because people turned a blind eye! How many lives could have been saved if people had stood up for what was right, fearlessly? Are we a nation of blinkered humans who prefer sleepy ignorance, to wakeful consciousness? Are we willing to face the truth and stand up for what’s right? To rise up in God’s name, fearlessly.


Bless you for giving me a space to address this controversial subject matter, for it is something so dear to my heart. Let us pray together, so that such things are at last exposed and so that those who are victims are saved from the terror of their nightmares.

Krishna Rose

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