Biblical Times: History In The Making

Aug 16, 2021 | Goddess, happiness, spiritual

Though these times may seem uncertain, and even frightening, the faithful should understand and trust in God’s plan,….

We are standing on the precipice of historical change. The edge of time. As the patriarchy is dissolved, we shall evolve. We are about to move through an inevitable and crucial reorganization as a global human and spiritual family. We are currently being activated by thousands of ascension codes which are an unstoppable force. Goodness shall prevail over evil. These things have been prophesied in both Vedic and Biblical scriptures. Without change there is no transformation, and without transformation the Golden Age cannot bloom in the peoples’ hearts. So how do these prophetic times relate to Messianic and Vedic lore? Let us examine.

The Golden Age is said to be a time when the Divine Feminine returns. We are currently 500 years into this much anticipated period of Divine mercy. The Goddess brings the sweet fragrances of hope and comfort to the meek, who shall inherit the earth. This is a prophecy, but, in order for this consecrated age to fully blossom, the wickedness in society must first be cleansed from the earth. The darkness that has enveloped humanity in its vile clutches, must break and fall. Like Rome, religious and government systems, royal courts, and media moguls who suck the life-blood of human happiness, must be undone, for they have controlled and misled the earth’s inhabitants these past 2,000 years and beyond.

The lies said and done in Jesus’s name have also to be unmade and undone, for the Messianic cause has the power to overcome darkness in all its forms. Institutions who have built and nourished the strength of their bones from our innocence, shall crack and crumble to dust.

Thus, the patriarchy is predicted to lessen its control over humans, animals, and nature during these turbulent times. The earth will be made peaceful once more, allowing Divine love to flow unhindered by pretenders and usurpers. Compassion will shine through the hearts of all, pouring happiness, long life, and liberation unto all. Though these times may seem uncertain, and even frightening, the faithful should understand and trust in God’s plan, for the balance of the Feminine is destined to restore innocence, wisdom, purity, and virtue. Therefore, all that is not that, shall be removed. Amein. Hallelujah!

Krishna Rose

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