Asking Permission To Move To Higher Ground

May 31, 2021 | devotion, prayer, spiritual

By overcoming all weaknesses of the mind, in the grace that is given and received, we allow Source to manifest as Divine love.

Sadhana is spiritual-life in action. It is asking the Divine for permission to move onto sacred ground. This exchange, wherein the soul gives and receives love from God, is the natural flow of energy between the soul and its Creator. Sadhana (a daily spiritual practice) unites the spiritual heart with the Supreme Being, as well as with the Eternal Reality. The herb of meditation, when mixed with the spice of love, makes prayer into a brew of immeasurable value. These two healers, remembrance and love, open gateways to great healing—but also to liberation.


Whilst sitting quietly alone praying, meditating or reciting holy name, we experience each physical, mental and emotional challenge. Without distraction, we should be mindful not to turn from our practices due to the lazy sleepiness of the mind and flesh. When we are ever-present with the holy names of God, our consciousness becomes blessed and purified, providing us with the perfect climate for spiritual advancement. By overcoming all weaknesses of the mind, in the grace that is given and received, we allow Source to manifest as Divine love.


There are many different forms of prayerful meditation, some of which have been passed down from Guru to disciple for thousands of years, while others emerged, and continue to emerge. The Divine Feminine’s pure shakti (energy and love power) awakens within our purposeful effort. A formal practice teaches us how to respond to all experiences of life with meditative awareness. Eating, walking, working, resting—everything we do becomes a meditation—devotion in motion.

All that we are, is revealed within the peace of prayerful meditation. In the comfort of our devotion, grace streams forth, to lift us above our ordinary consciousness. We become like the lotus flower which lives and grows in the water whilst remaining untouched by it. Prayer is the action of beseeching God, out of deep longing, for mercy. It is the soul’s active search for a vision of God and the Kingdom, wherein the Grail cup of consciousness becomes filled with sacrosanct sentiment and experience. This type of sacrifice opens up portals of holy listening, trusting that what is to be revealed, will be received in perfect timing. True spontaneous prayer weeping from the heart, is also meditation, and is the highest type of worship.

Krishna Rose

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