Arrogance: Sign Of The Times

Oct 11, 2021 | love, religion, spiritual

We should be fearless in our resolve to come together and serve.

It is with great pleasure that I greet thee on this fine Sunday morning. God bless you. May our Lord and Lady be with you this day and evermore. Today, I wish to discuss some of the problems we now face as a global human and spiritual family. Narrowmindedness has become a rampant plague amongst the people. It is to be found wherever there is a dividing wall between us, dividing people from one another, whether it be due to wealth and status, religion, politics, color of skin, or differences of opinion.


These poisons have been used as a weapon against us, to divide and rule us. Arrogance must be extracted from the roots of our collective consciousness if we are to survive as a humanity, for there are dark forces controlling the narrative of how we can and cannot live our lives. To relinquish their power over us, we must unite in spirit and pray for Divine intervention. We should be fearless in our resolve to come together and serve. To do God’s will in every situation no matter which faith we follow.


It is the poison of egoistic closed-mindedness that separates us from one another. We are taught from birth to believe that our race is the superior race, that our religion is the only way, that our truth is the only truth, and that the rich are better than the poor. We are told to believe the lies that history’s victors have given us as truth, and we are bound to silence, through fear of being cancelled, if we have opinions that are different from the mainstream. This is not progress, nor is it democracy. It reminds me of the dark ages, where church and state dictated the narrative, and the people fearfully succumbed to laws and ways forced upon them, even barbaric ones, like witch-hunts and inquisitions.


Yet despite all of this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are after all free in spirit. We are none of these labels: Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, black, white, brown, yellow, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, famous or infamous. We are pure spirit souls created from divine love. Innocent, powerful, eternal, blissful, and free… that is the truth of who we are. Everything but this is an illusion. A lie.

If we wish to pour the holy water of divine inspiration into the river of our understanding, we must knock down every wall that separates us from love, kindness, cleanliness and goodness. 


When we remember who we are in spirit we are reminded that we are powerful beyond measure. The Shakti (energy) of the Supreme Goddess flows through our blood, bones, breath, and spirit at all times. Her creative powers are inside of each created being, and this ability holds limitless potential. We can literally move mountains with our intent. Therefore, during these uncertain times let us utilize our God-given power for the betterment of ourselves, the environment, and the collective. Together let us heal and ascend, remembering that there is no end to the beauty we can create here on earth and in the afterlife. Hold your shields of Divine protection high, and shine light into the darkness. Together we can make a difference.

Krishna Rose

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