Activations Found Within The Gospel Codes of Mary

Oct 6, 2020 | God, Goddess, Mary Magdalene

Prayer is our intimate friend, our medicine, our manna from heaven.

Recently I have shared many of the ways in which God and Goddess slay the darkness in this world. Their loving vibrations and frequencies are everywhere. There is nothing in creation that is not made of Their loving essence. And if love is all that there is, then surely the light can easily rise up and wash away the darkness. This gives us a great opportunity to heighten our awareness, as one human family. As we awaken and rise up in Their holy names, we shall have the power to affect a positive change in the environment, materially and spiritually. So arise and recognize the lit path before you. I wish to share with you a recent series of videos I created on The Seven Essential Stages of Prayer. They are now available on YouTube. These teachings were given to me whilst I studied the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and they are full of essential activations, to assist you and help you raise your vibration.

These seven stages, are stages of awareness, which like bridges, are to be crossed. Through each of them, we rise to higher and higher states of consciousness. We allow our body, mind, and spirit, to become a vessel of victory! Casting the shadows away in the light of consciousness and love. 

Click here to watch.

One need not be religious, or fanatical, to have a prayerful life. Prayer is our intimate friend, our medicine, our manna from heaven. Especially during these trying times, such important topics of discussion are essential. They offer us our inheritance from Yesua, Mary Magdalene, and all pure Saints on all paths.

When we die, we take nothing of this world with us. So learning how to pray, how to live, and how to follow the ways of the Divine Feminine, is to light our path and to find our way. To no more recycle our souls through the grief of death and rebirth. For reincarnation causes immense suffering to all. It is the unspoken truth of reality, yet few ponder on its poignant lesson. 

I hope that you find comfort in the teachings revealed within each short video, for they were given to me, so that I might share them with you. I pray that they inspire you and uplift you, filling you with hope. 

Krishna Rose

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