A Red Rose Blooms In The Darkness

Oct 19, 2020 | God, love

The rose bush soon began to wilt and wither. Then one day, she saw the sparrows sticking their beaks into the cactus, flying away refreshed.

Seeding our intentions together as a community, inspires the vessels of receptivity in the collective to open. With meditation, prayer, holy name, and rituals, we pour holiness into the imbalanced polarity, to lighten and lift the darkness. With God illusions and bad habits disperse, swept away within the vibrations and rhythms of Divine love. To this extent, the addicted are released from their dependencies, cravings, and disturbances. When I speak of God, I speak of Divine Mother and Father.


One fine spring day, a red rose blossomed in a dark forest. Many trees and plants grew there, but never before had a red rose bloomed in the darkness. As the rose looked around, a pine tree nearby said, “What a beautiful flower you are! I wish I was as lovely as you.”


“Oh but you are!” said the rose, who found the fragrance of the pine enchanting.


A beautiful bird came to sit upon the branch of an ash tree nearby, “Oh my, aren’t you a beautiful flower?” he exclaimed upon seeing the rose. “I swear I have never seen such beauty before! How did something so beautiful come to grow in the darkness? If only my feathers were as red as your petals,” the bird exclaimed.


“I do not understand,” the rose replied, “for your feathers are that red!”


The ash tree who had been listening nearby, remarked, “Well, we can’t have everything we want.” 


The rose thought for a moment and declared, “Well then, it seems as if I am the most beautiful plant in this forest!”


Upon hearing the rose’s words, a sunflower raised its bright yellow head and asked, “Why do you say that? In this forest there are so many beautiful plants and flowers. You are just one of them.” 


“But I see everyone looking at me and admiring me, saying they have never seen such beauty,” the little rose said defensively.


Pointing to a spiky cactus nearby, the rose said, “Just look at that ugly plant full of thorns! Surely I am more beautiful than her?” 


“My dear prideful rose, who can say what beauty is? For you have thorns too!” replied the Ash tree.


“I can see that you really do not know what beauty is at all! How can you compare my thorns to that of a cactus?” the rose cried belligerently.


‘What a proud flower’ thought the creatures in the forest. 


The rose, feeling rejected and hurt, tried to move her roots away, but found that she could not move. As the day’s passed, she looked at the cactus out of the corner of her rose petal-eyes and thought angry, jealous thoughts about it. The cactus, observing everything in her stillness, never defended herself, until one day she advised the rose, explaining, “Our Lady above did not create any form of life without a purpose.” 


Spring passed and the weather soon became unbearably hot. Life became difficult for all of the animals and plants in the forest. They needed water but there were no rains. The rose bush soon began to wilt and wither. Then one day, she saw the sparrows sticking their beaks into the cactus, flying away refreshed. This was puzzling to the little rose, so she plucked up the courage to ask the trees what the birds were doing. 


The pine tree explained that the cactus was sharing her water with the birds. 


“Doesn’t it hurt when they poke you with holes?” the rose asked the cactus curiously.


“Yes, but I don’t like to see the little birds suffer,” she replied.


The rose opened her eyes in wonder, “But won’t you die if you give the birds all of your water?” she asked.


“I am willing to take that risk,” the cactus answered sincerely. “You may also drink from me if you need. The sparrows will bring you some water if I ask them.” 


The pretty red rose felt too ashamed of her past words and behavior, to ask the cactus for water. However, the cactus, understanding the plight of the pretty little rose, requested the birds to fill their beaks with water, to water the rose’s roots. Extremely grateful to the cactus for saving her life, she learned a most valuable lesson and never again judged someone by their appearance. Humbled by the cactus’s kindness and beautiful character, from that day forth, she considered the cactus to be her most treasured friend. 

Krishna Rose

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