A Messianic Transmission Of Hope

Oct 17, 2020 | God, Goddess, Jesus, Madalene

Still today, these Messianic transmissions are there in the etheric element here on earth.
Those who wish to transform and give-up their lower-nature will find the strength needed, in Divinity. When we turn to God for help, we are all the more easily relieved of our false-fixations. The beasts within us break – they become tame, submitting to the will of the Divine, and Their representatives. Jesu and Mary Magdalene recognized, taught, and illustrated this within their own example. If we wish to reach for eternal happiness we shall have to learn to give up all of our earthly attachments. These Messianic pioneers set the standard, by giving up their own possessions and positions in society, living like travelling paupers, choosing to end their days alone with nothing but God on their minds.

Taking only what the Lord gave for their sustenance, there was no place for materialistic yearnings. In this way they became liberated. Their hearts became so saturated with devotion, that in a mood of service, they began broadcasting the messages of eternity. Still today, these Messianic transmissions are there in the etheric element here on earth. They have impregnated our innermost womb-space—the inner-consciousness portal—with a state of grace.

From the dedicated, impassioned, deep faith of Jesu and Mary Magdalene, these same seeds of transcendence are waiting to be activated in all seeking souls, whichever religion we may follow. To awaken souls everywhere, they have utilized the collective environment of humanity’s Divine Feminine nature. Mary Magdalene’s return hails a great blessing, for she hails the return of the Divine Feminine. The activated Messianic codes in her name are literally openings through which souls can rise higher. As the Kallah-Messiah, the Feminine Christ, she has been anointed with this sacred duty.

Knowing that at some time in the future these seeds would sprout and attain perfection within the blossoming awareness of the Feminine Divine, Jesu and Mary Magdalene encoded these Messianic templates of ordainment into the watery essence of Mary Magdalene’s name. Her risen name is a portal. She parts the veils and returns to us the Goddess. She teaches the simple gifts of devotion and calls for us to rise up into our inherited mood of service.

Krishna Rose
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