A Healing For You

Apr 26, 2021 | God, love, moon, spiritual

Let spirit have free reign to explore the realms within, allowing the sacrosanct consciousness of God to dance inside the lotus of your heart. 

Though most of you know me as a writer, teacher and singer/songwriter, I am also a healer, having received ordination in various healing practices such as Pancha Karma, hands-on healing, auric and long distance restoration, and Reiki I + II, but mainly, I am ordained by God to heal. My hands and mind flow naturally toward offering compassionate relief to any who struggle and my writings, teachings and music are an extension of that.

Jesu was a profoundly gifted healer who had power of spirit over matter. He embodied selflessness and taught his followers to follow his example. In today’s world, people offer exorcisms and healing to the crippled of mind or body for an exchange of money. This always felt wrong to me somehow, so ten years ago, I gave up asking for financial remuneration. Healing flows freely through us, it is a God-given gift and is easily shared with others without any need of a money exchange.

Since making this decision, I receive blessings in other ways and am never in want. Now, to today’s healing. I would like to offer your body, mind and emotions some comfort. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths. Relax. Let go of your mind. Mute your phone and come fully present as you read this blessing. Realize that there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to be. There is nothing to change. Simply remain present in consciousness.

Allow all sensations to wash through you. Follow no thoughts and resist no thoughts. Let spirit have free reign to explore the realms within, allowing the sacrosanct consciousness of God to dance inside the lotus of your heart. 

From this place of conscious awareness, expand your auric field. Allow your consciousness to increase until your auric field is the size of a football field. I want you to imagine this energy vortex, as an egg. This egg contains all of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, wants, disappointments and pains. See a crack in the egg and watch that crack spread all across the surface. Now with your consciousness firmly seated inside of it, allow the poison and toxicity inside of you to leak out. Let all poisonous thoughts about yourself and others, stream out of the fissures.

Witness as the dark matter inside breaks open. Flowing out of you, Divine Mother’s cosmic womb takes these harmful things from you, gently and with ease. Through the umbilical cord of love, She removes from your energetic field, the poisonous disease of criticism, judgement, unkindness and wickedness. Let them go. Any dis-ease that is there inside of you, let it go. Do not hold onto any of it. Take your time. Do not rush this process. Only once you feel like all of the sickness in you has drained away, by grace of Divine Mother’s love, seal up the fissures, painting over the cracks with the glue of your devotion. Seal them in God’s holy name. Nothing impure shall enter your holy vessel. No more. Have faith in this. Be healed and go in peace.

Now speak this prayer aloud:

“Lord and Lady,

Please enlighten what’s dark in me,

Strengthen what’s weak in me,

Mend what’s broken in me,

Bind what’s bruised in me,

Heal what’s sick in me,

Revive whatever love and peace has died in me,

Thank you,


Krishna Rose

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