World Collapse or Revival? Unraveling 2,000 Years of Lies

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“There will always be people who disbelieve, demanding “where is the evidence for the things that you say?” Meanwhile it is they who have been deceived all along.”

hen I first came across a large body of evidence proving our history books are filled with ‘fake-news’, I set my compass towards unraveling the truth. I have since spent the last 25 years researching and unlocking teachings which have been kept hidden from society for the past 2,000 years.

Forgive me for speaking plainly, it is out of self-respect, and respect for all, that I am willing to reach out beyond the illusions which were deceitfully created for society’s seduction and indoctrination.

For what peace and tranquility can there be in the world, without honesty and justice?

People in large numbers now flock to alternative news sources, for they are tired of the heavily controlled media, and the lies which come forth from them. Quite obviously the press and television news stations are agenda-driven political tools. Mass-brainwashing suits these structures, which have driven people towards a maximum control ‘slave’ system. We are aching for truthful answers.

We as a humanity are finally wishing to take responsibility for our mistakes, for the sake of justice.

Change, though never easy, is upon us.

With so much information available to us today, alternative media has become the new big-thing, for it has become the most watched journalistic news source in the world at large.

Does this mean we are headed for some kind of world collapse?
Or is this an indication of a revival of cause, for the sake of integrity and authenticity of humankind?

Whether revolution happens in the realm of the physical, or not, is not the question, for the thread which is occurring en-masse is a reformation in how we as humans think about the world and it’s leaders. Questioning, and rightly so, their true intentions which seem not to have humanity’s best interests at heart. The leaders of countries around the world seem to show one face to the public, yet another behind closed doors.

Society lost faith in these overindulgent leaders whose greed for war and deception seem to the be the order of business.

No one can resist the magnetic draw of love and surrender, yet love misplaced, may with shackles bind us.

We are all of us descended from a heritage of people who for two-thousand-years were too afraid to dare question the King, politicians, or especially the Church, on any matter whatsoever.

What people were told – was truth – the end.

Those craving authenticity and spiritual certainty went strategically into hiding, where in secret they researched and protected their findings by candlelight, risking life and limb for the sake of enlightenment, and love thereof.

Meanwhile the mass populace submitted to enforced rituals and fabricated accounts of spirituality and history. Spiritual truth satisfies the human souls need for love and wisdom entirely . . . whilst the fickle comings and goings of fast-love, and the elusive chase after materialism, brings our society to its knees in frustration, depression, and anxiety – and our peaceful existence now depends upon a reformation.

Fake-news is simply another means for describing brainwashing, persuasion, indoctrination, influence, and conditioning – all of which have been part of human culture and control for at least these past 2,000 years.

Is there a solution to all these problems?

When contemplating and considering the restoration the feminine Divine in the spiritual mainstream, Mary Magdalene is a prolific force to be included. For to re-establish Magdalene’s true identity as bride and Grail is something which has been on the conscience of humanity for years, proven by the fact that her name keeps coming up for breath, in order to be evaluated, and for good reason.

“Mary Magdalene was branded as a woman of loose character, a prostitute, a sinner – a woman with a bad name. It has since been admitted by the Vatican that this slander was in fact a fabricated propaganda created by Pope Gregory ‘the Great’ for political, financial, and religious gain. ”

It is indeed disturbing how one man blurred the memory of the masses, such that still today, it is a fine thread of belief which is woven within the subconscious veins of our society and DNA.

Certainly it is an important story in history worthy of reassessing if we are to change the underlying belief systems of our society for future generations to come. For it seems that we, as a humanity, can no longer trust in the lies our forefathers were force-fed, for as lambs to slaughter, our intelligence and consciousness has been tampered with for centuries.

Magdalene’s title as ‘whore’, just as Eve’s title as ‘womanly-temptress’, are awful transgressions of an entire life story and history, designed to bring about exile for women and the Goddess from the world stage – at large.

I am probing the depths of our mistaken beliefs and boldly compare it to modern day fake-news.

Eve became the whipping girl for humanity’s fall from grace, therefore by default, every woman became guilty of being the reason for man’s’ indiscretion and weakness. It is time to restore Magdalene, and the Goddess with her, to her rightful place as a sacred icon of history.

It is time for the world to heal from these deep psychological wounds, for it is prophesied that only once the Bride is restored to her Husband’s side, can the landscape heal, wars cease, and peace can reign upon Earth once more.

It is my belief that the time is now!

Why were these methods of propaganda used? Was it a snide plan to gain control over political, financial, and religious influences in the world at large? Are these methods of indoctrination still in place today?

Despite teachings of love, humility, and non-violence, which are the backbone of all religious paths, more wars have been fought over belief – or rather their differences – than for any other reason. I can’t help wondering what went wrong? Is there a flaw in the system of religion, or is it a human trait to ‘need’ everyone to think and believe the same?”

Such was the power of the Church over the mindset of the masses. However, Truth carries with it a great power which is unstoppable.

Mary Magdalene was the first in a series of successful fake-news campaigns – for still 2,000 years later most people know nothing of the misunderstanding regarding Mary Magdalene being written into history as a prostitute. Yet it is extremely important to understand how through her story, we have been affected as a humanity.

Mary Magdalene, and the Goddess with her, were forced into exile, and now through her story revealed within my book Woman in Red, the Divine feminine will once again be restored, prophecies will be fulfilled, and the world can finally heal from injustice and domination.

The Goddess, along with Her devotees, were stamped out, burned out, and wiped out of history by an evil regime which dominated our global thinking tank and DNA for the past 2,000 years.

It struck me hard that with so much suffering in this world, there had to be some purpose to it all.

In 1995-1996 whilst living in India with my spiritual teacher, acclaimed Yuga-Acharya Award Winner – Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja, I discovered intriguing evidence about an ancient prophecy, and secrets surrounding the lives of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and their extended family. Hence the story for Woman in Red – The Book was conceived.

I have spent 22 years unraveling 2,000 years of historical and religious lies, decoding concealed truths which were removed from society at large. A profound body of spiritual teachings, wrapped around a riveting authentic narration of Mary Magdalene and Jesu’s life – all will be unveiled to the world for the first time ever – within my new book Woman in Red.

Now, let me give you a sneak peak into my new book and send you a free chapter from Woman in Red, so that you may unravel this mystery for yourself and feel the effect it will have on your life and soul purpose.

The voice of the risen Magdalene invites you to enter into a journey with her.
Drink with your eyes for you have thirsted for things not of this world.
Move beyond your human struggle and give voice to your soul.
The door has been opened to you . . . all you need do is . . .

Pre-order my 25 year researched historical novel Woman in Red
– which offers solutions to many of our woes –
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About Krishna Rose
After Krishna Rose promoted famous musicians including Whitney Houston, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, (and many others), she left her busy life in London and met a Saint in India who helped her discover her true calling. He helped her uncover her desire to increase the divine energy field with practical and liberating methods that raise our awareness. On a 25 year quest pursuing obscure texts and visiting important archeological sites around the world, she decoded indisputable evidence for what might be one of the most important breakthroughs in our collective religious history. Together with her husband and two daughters, she now lives on a small farm surrounded by countryside, filling her days creating music and writing, sprinkling life with her authentic femininity.


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    There os no “submit” in “Download your free chapter here”. Thanks

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    Of course they lied they knew that guilt would keep the human frequency at such a low level that they would not realise they were co creators equall to the that of god the creator of all things who original created us to slave and toil however we were given free will and with that we could ascend to the same frequency and be equall to god. We are multidimentional beings of light and energy being confined to a 3 dimentional simulation of reality and as long as vibrational frequency is kept below the level of manifistation they keep us enslaved to remain slaves fo them and the 3d realm

    • Krishna Rose

      Hi Kane, Yes of course, slavery has existed for thousands of years, the powers that be love it, as they enslave humanity… and we lose the plot giving them total control over us which of course makes them rich. They love money. But our soul loves God / The Divine… it is our inherent nature to love the Lord, and without this, we are like fish out of water – never to be satisfied. I hope to rekindle the spark in those sincere seekers with my music and forthcoming book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks – which certainly will give a fair chance to any soul. Blessed be,

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    I am fascinated by this history should be herstory patriarchal has had control for far too long! It wasJesus and Mary Magdalene’s mission to bring joy and great change to our world. It’s about time! Time for matriarchal to be respected again! Love and peace.


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