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Pure Bhakti

My wonderful spiritual teacher Srila Narayana is the inspiration behind all my music. He is the seed of my devotion (Bhakti). I met Gurudeva in Mathura, India. in January 1996 after living 10 years in a temple in London, England. I immediately knew in my heart that he was a true living master and took initiation from him. The feelings I have in my heart when I'm around him is not comparable to any other of this world. I feel so much closer to the Divine from having spent time with him, the love in my heart has expanded. When I'm with him, I feel clear of all my shortcomings, purified, cleansed, happy and ultimately inspired to move forward in my goal oriented spiritual practices with intensity. Jaya Gurudeva! I pray he sprinkle his mercy on us all that we may come back Home to Godhead sooner rather than later!

Prison Program

Prison Program is a source of inspiration.

Kula Shaker

These are old friends of Krishna Rose from U.K. -- and an awesomely talented mantra-rock band!!

Bhakti Art

The website for the gorgeous artist Syamarani dasi. She has painted most of the beautiful images you see here on my site, here is her site where you can buy prints of various devotional inspiring art.

Equality Based on Soul

An interfaith website that Krishna Rose highly recommends anyone to read who is interested in finding unity between religions, as oppose to differences. explains how historically Christian and Muslim faiths have their roots in Judaism, so at their core concepts about the soul, creation and God are all the same.

Ayurveda Health Retreat

This is where Krishna Rose works as pancha karma assistant and yoga instructor. Wonderful healing work.


A wonderful organization that saves the lives of many mistreated abandoned animals. They raise awareness of the cruelty that goes in inside slaughter houses, chicken farms and experimental labs. They encourage vegetarianism not only for health purposes (because of all the hormones and drugs they give the animals these days), but also for karmic reasons. It is a crime to take anothers life in any way, but the atrocities within the slaughter houses are equal to nothing less than a torture chamber of the old ages. Please take note and try your best to become vegetarian and end your karmic wheel.

Bhakti Store

This is where Krishna Rose works as pancha karma assistant and yoga instructor. Wonderful healing work.

New Braja

Annual bhakti festival is a life-changing event.

Krishna Store's store is a great resource for all of your devotional needs. Also a wonderful source for books by Srila Prabhupada.

Whale Dreamers

[A Julian Lenno Production] - an amazing 5-star documentary that is so deeply moving.... a great cause to support.

Appreciations from fans and friends for Krishna Rose's inspiring music and deeply spiritual invocations.


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  1. (1) Hall of Mirrors.mp3
  2. (2) Jaya.mp3
  3. (3) Age of Forgiveness.mp3
  4. (4) Prayer to the Moon.mp3
  5. (5) Beautiful.mp3
  6. (6) Remember Me.mp3
  7. (7) Shelter.mp3
  8. (8) The Path.mp3
  9. (9) Sacred Moments.mp3
  10. (10) Gurudev.mp3
  11. (11) Hare Krsna.mp3
  12. (1) Trail of Blossoms.mp3
  13. (2) Magdalane.mp3
  14. (3) Angel Tears.mp3
  15. (4) Lonesome Girl.mp3
  16. (5) Calling.mp3
  17. (6) River of Mercy.mp3
  18. (7) Sweet Mist.mp3
  19. (8) Ancient Names.mp3
  20. (9) Mystery.mp3
  21. (10) Searching.mp3
  22. (11) Voyage to a Mystical Grove.mp3
  23. (12) Eternity.mp3
  24. (1) Vande Hum.mp3
  25. (2) Bhajahu Re.mp3
  26. (3) Gurudeva.mp3
  27. (4) Bhajami Radham.mp3
  28. (5) Govindam.mp3
  29. (6) The Sage.mp3
  30. (7) Jaya.mp3
  31. (8) Gurudeva Krpa.mp3
  32. (9) Hare Krishna.mp3
  33. (10) Like a Jewel.mp3
  34. Awaken (SINGLE)
  35. Memories of Gurudeva (SINGLE)

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