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restoring the Feminine Divine, it is necessary to re-establish Mary Magdalene’s true identity as Bride and Grail (carrier of Holy Bloodline) rather than prostitute. For to name any woman a whore, when the truth is very different, is an awful transgression of anyone’s life story and history.

The hostility towards women was founded on the position of the church ‘fathers’ who viewed women as morally and spiritual inferior to men. Paul insisted that women veil themselves and remain silent and subordinate to their husbands and church. In I Timoth, Paul wrote “let a woman learn in silence with submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or have any authority of men, she is to be silent. For, Adam was formed first, then Eve, and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Woman will be saved only through bearing sons. The head of a woman is a man”. Paul created an argument for removing the spiritual gifts of women from teaching and learning, and this foundation became the backbone for religious thought for many centuries to come.

This thinking used the mythical story of Eve as the whipping girl for humanity’s fall from grace, and thereby made every woman on Earth, for all time, guilty of her crimes for being an “Eve”.

The same is true of the story of Mary Magdalene. Through her we have all become ‘whores’ in the DNA belief systems of the religious institutions and men at large, since the only woman worth venerating is Mother Mary, a woman who forever remained a Virgin, despite having given birth to five known children.

By restoring Eve, and Magdalene, we can also hail in the belief that God has a Goddess sitting at His left side. In India still today, any depiction of God is always shown with a Goddess at His side. The Western Rome influenced culture removed the Goddess, and demoted all women. May the world heal from this deep psychological wound. For it is written in Song of Songs that when this wound is healed all wars will end and peace will reign upon Earth once more.


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