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Woman in Red is alternatively tuned to 432Hz which transmits beneficial healing energy upon the subconscious mind, environment and body.

“If we only knew the magnificence and importance of 432 Hz, then you would have a key to unlock the Universe”
— Nikola Tesla

  • Your free track is a sublime ancient prayer, its only intention is to help you move beyond human struggle;
  • Listening to 432Hz music can offer one relief from nervousness, heartache, and depression;
  • The charm of these Holy songs entice you to explore the depths of your truest self;
  • Woman in Red elegantly reveals the mystical dimensions hidden within you;
  • Meditation with chant and prayer awakens devotion within your heart;
  • Reverent repetition of the Hallowed Names of the Divine cleanses your mind and heart;
  • These songs paint the quintessence of the Eternal Realm upon the canvas of your soul;
  • This music is a catalyst for your spiritual enlightenment;
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he long-awaited new album by Krishna Rose – Woman in Red crosses boundaries of time with powerful haunting songs, mystical airy vocals, and stunning arrangements by award-winning Producers Craig Pruess and Hans Christian. Using original ancient instruments to perfectly express the mythical realms, Krishna Rose brings devotional music and chant to another level. Woman in Red is a female divinity concept album. Simplicity and honesty of human emotion is expressed alongside the fullness of feminine power.

My purpose of being an artist, is to express my joys,
my sorrows, and my searching for answers, ultimately
the age-old yearning for freedom.

Krishna Rose