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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
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*"What's Hot" Review
Yoga Magazine, November 2008 issue
Tor Stone MagCD: Beneath the Rose
Artist: Krishna Rose

English Rose

"Enchanting" would be a good way to describe the music of Krishna Rose. Her CD Beneath the Rose has a very mystical approach and is beautifully orchestrated with romantic celtic inspired music."She is an artist who captures the heart and soul of spirituality within her music, exploring the sublime beauty of the divine in its myriad of forms" Music Design "In Review".

Born and raised in England, Krishna Rose was introduced to classical music at an early age, playing violin and piano. She went on to work for touring artists like Bon Jovi,Aerosmith,The Osbournes, Fleetwood Mac and Heart. Though she found promoting other bands rewarding, her destiny was to make music of her own.

While exploring her Indian roots in Kashmir, India, her Guru Swami Narayana Maharaja, encouraged her to "write and perform English devotional songs to make people weep". At the time it seemed to be an unusual suggestion, however, it would end up being spot-on advice. Having family roots in Kashmir, India gives this budding songstress a unique beauty and rare talent to express devotional sentiments in an exotic manner that is altogether divine.

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