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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
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*Music Review by Susan Warren
Tor Stone Magazine
Tor Stone MagCD: Age of Forgiveness
Artist: Krishna Rose

I had the privilege for this edition of reviewing a CD by Krishna Vallabha, a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. While this is her debut album, Krishna is no stranger to the music industry. She began in the music industry as a promoter and booking agent for well-known groups like Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, and Pearl Jam. The time she spent working and getting to know the individuals within the bands was to shape her future and give her "energy for making good music." From here, she went on to write and sing her own music.

The album, titled Age of Forgiveness, holds a blend of ethereal grooves with haunting background vocals and grounding drums. Her style is unique, not just another New Age album. She takes musical inspiration from the likes of "The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles along with a whole host of new age 'mellow' music." While you can hear influences of those whom she musically admires, the songs are obviously from of her own heart. A flow of inspiration exists throughout the album with her lyrics crafted and nurtured with humanness, honesty, and reality. Written in the wake of September 11th, she sought spontaneity and divine inspiration in writing and recording the songs with "love, pain, and divinity" as her muse. And this comes very clearly through her music and voice.

Her goal with her debut was to "create an album that was both inspirational for the listener and easy to listen to. The songs speak to the heart, my lyrics are downright honest and talk of our struggles and disappointments in life, of love and our divine search for that ultimate God and Goddess." And this she has certainly accomplished. Whether listening to what I would call "divine grooves" like "Hall of Mirrors" and "Age of Forgiveness," her slow tunes echoing the other world in "Prayer to the Moon" and "Beautiful" or the honest and refreshingly human track of heartbreak and longing found in "Shelter," Krishna comes through in talent and openness that can be a rarity in any kind of music. Her music is a joy to listen to for its genuine and beautiful lyrics capturing the human and divine relationship. A highly enjoyable and beautiful album!

** Krishna will have a new album of bhajan (chants to the Goddess in Sanskirt) out sometime in 2004ówell worth keeping an eye out for it! **

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