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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
The Artist
The Artist > Reviews > by Tony Tolin, PLW 2006
*Music Review by Tony Tolin | April 2006
Tor Stone MagArtist: Krishna Rose
Album: Age of Forgiveness

Age of Forgiveness is a soothing stream of ethereal and haunting songs that Krishna Rose has lovingly created.

Pure airy vocals, lovely harmonies and sweet melodic instrumentals abound in this release. Krishna Rose takes 2 elements of culture and music -- Celtic and Indian -- and creates a magical blend of brilliant mystical and soul felt songs.

Age of Forgiveness was written and recorded in Maui, Hawaii.

A follower of Gurudeva and a strong PETA supporter (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Krishna Rose really follows her heart.

A little history on Krishna Rose: She spent most of her life working as an assistant / promoter / manager to many famous rock stars. She worked with Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, the Osbournes, along with a whole host of other world famous musicians.

And now Krishna Rose takes the spotlight with this lush enchanting disc of devotional chanting and memorable songs that reflect her spirit and inner light.

A five star release!

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