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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
The Artist
The Artist > Reviews > Faerie Magazine, Autumn 2008
*Music Review by Hattie Unglesbee
Faerie Magazine, Autumnr 2008 issue
Faerie Magazine Autumn 2008CD: Beneath the Rose
Artist: Krishna Rose

Oh it is pleasing to receive new music to review! Take this for example: "Beneath the Rose" by Krishna Rose, a wonderfully worldly and ecclectic collection of music. The back of the cd reads: "Devotional Celtic folk music for romantic moments of divine love," and well, I doubt I could say it any better. This is a lovely album, both to listen to and to listen to, if you know what I mean. One could be quite content playing this in the background while going about their day and it would meld into the soundtrack of your life. But don't forget to listen to it in earnest and with intention, as the music has a lot to say and your warm blooded nature will thank you for the chance. Miss Rose's voice is splendid in its simplicity, neither showy nor plain, but balanced and seductive. She seems to instinctively know what she needs to do with her words in order to propel them forward into the universe.

With lyrics that lean toward the spiritual and music that tends toward folk and ecstatic revelation, Beneath the Rose is a fine accomplishment. The musicianship is quite nice as well -- the cellos and guitars are so complementary and they produce the desirable effect together of a nomadic gathering around a warm fire.

"River of Mercy" is a great track, part traditional Indian chanting, part Bollywood ballad, and all fabulous. The second track, "Magdalene" is both pretty and poetic and a fine example of Krishna Rose's vocal abilities. All in all there is much to recommend Beneath the Rose (oh those cellos ....) and the Indian/Celtic/Folk/Pop combination is one I hope to hear more of in the future.

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