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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
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*The Sounding Board, by R J Lannan | 3/23/09
New Age
New Age Reporter.comThe prominent online magazine reviews and rates Beneath the Rose, with an in-depth look at the songs and overall messages.

"The Latin term "sub rosa" mean under the rose, something that is hidden, secret, or confidential. Krishna Rose's album Beneath the Rose is all that and musically, much more. Thematically speaking it is an album of romantic ballads with World and Celtic genres mixed with sweet vocals. She slants her music to the East as well delving into the mysteries of the Feminine and Masculine Divines and a search for the Gods if you will." Read more...
*Music Review by Hattie Unglesbee | Autumn 2008
Faerie Magazine
Faerie Magazine Autumn 2008Oh it is pleasing to receive new music to review! Take this for example: "Beneath the Rose" by Krishna Rose, a wonderfully worldly and ecclectic collection of music. The back of the cd reads: "Devotional Celtic folk music for romantic moments of divine love," and well, I doubt I could say it any better. This is a lovely album, both to listen to and to listen to, if you know what I mean.

*"What's Hot" | November 2008
Yoga Magazine
Tor Stone Mag"Enchanting" would be a good way to describe the music of Krishna Rose. Her CD Beneath the Rose has a very mystical approach and is beautifully orchestrated with romantic celtic inspired music."She is an artist who captures the heart and soul of spirituality within her music, exploring the sublime beauty of the divine in its myriad of forms" Music Design "In Review".

*Music Review by Susan Warren
Tor Stone Magazine
Tor Stone MagI had the privilege for this edition of reviewing a CD by Krishna Vallabha, a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. While this is her debut album, Krishna is no stranger to the music industry. She began in the music industry as a promoter and booking agent for well-known groups like Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, and Pearl Jam. The time she spent working and getting to know the individuals within the bands was to shape her future and give her "energy for making good music." From here, she went on to write and sing her own music.

*Music Review by Tony Tolin | April 2006
Tor Stone MagAge of Forgiveness is a soothing stream of ethereal and haunting songs that Krishna Rose has lovingly created. Pure airy vocals, lovely harmonies and sweet melodic instrumentals abound in this release. Krishna Rose takes 2 elements of culture and music -- Celtic and Indian -- and creates a magical blend of brilliant mystical and soul felt songs.


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