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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
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Jaya, CD

Easy listening relaxing music for yoga and enjoying your life. Krishna Rose’s luminous voice blends ancient chants, mantras, and prayers together with beautiful acoustic guitars. She brings a modern touch to an ancient tradition, which is altogether delightfully simple and unique.

Listen to songs from this album:
Song Sample
Vande Hum
Bhajahu Re listen
Bhajami Radham
The Sage
Gurudeva Krpa listen
Hare Krishna
Like a Jewel

These songs are full of divine benefit, no matter what path you walk. The chants and prayers offered here are very powerful and have been practiced for thousands of years by the saints and sages of India. Mantras and prayers open up the energies and channels of the psychic nervous system. They send subtle energy through the body, mind and heart, purifying everything they touch through sound vibration. They especially affect the pineal gland which awakens one’s intuition leading to peace and blissful states. These prayers are mainly sung in Sanskrit which all linguist scholars agree is the original mother tongue of us all. Considering this, many consider it the language of the Gods & Goddesses.

It wasn’t developed like other languages; it is said to be revealed in the depths of meditation through the heart by rishis and sages (holy men). Chanting these mantras and prayers lovingly coerces the heart to open, and allows us to commune with the Ultimate Divine One God and Goddess we all seek, no matter what denomination one believes in. The rishis discovered that certain sounds and phrases, and their vibrations, brought them joy and spiritual ecstasy, illuminated the consciousness, brought them psychic powers, peace and tranquility, freedom from fear, and mental, emotional, and physical healing. I personally have transformed my being and healed deep part of myself through chanting, and am grateful to share the gifts I’ve been given over many years of spiritual questing. These CDs evolved over time as I realized chanting and singing these sacred songs & mantras for others would not only bring me closer to the Divine, but would bring peace and healing to all who hear them.

Special thanks to:
Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja (my beloved Guru), Nayana Kishori (my beautiful daughter), my sweet loving husband Radha Vallabha, Sri Ram for his dedication and beautiful addition to the music; Malay Desai, Ryc Powers-Ward, Don Weeks and the Amrit Yoga Institute for their support in making this project happen…much gratitude!

Thanks to Radha and Krishna, and our Guru-parampara for the inspiration to sing these beautiful prayers to Them; special thanks to George Harrison, I dedicate this album to you.

Vande Hum

Vande ham Sri Guroh Shree yuta pada kamalam Shree Gurun Vaisnavams cha
Shree Rupam sagrajatam saha gana Raghunathanvitam tam sa Jivam
Sadvaitam savadhutam parijana sahitam Krishna-Chaitanya - Devam
Shree Radhe Krishna padaan saha gana Lalita Shree Vishakhanvitams cha

Radhe Vrndavanadhishe karunamrta vahini
Krpaya nija padabja daasyam mahyam pradiyatam (Arcana Paddhati)

I offer great respect and bow down to the feet of Shree Guru, the Master of all paths, and all true Guru's and masters on the path of devotion. To all devotees and their associates, to Gaura Nitai and Their associates, and to the lotus feet of God and Goddess (Shree Krishna & Shree Radha) with all of Their beloved friends;

Oh Radhe, Supreme Goddess, Queen of Vrndavana (Queen in the Kingdom of God), vessel of nectarian ocean of mercy & divine love! Please bestow upon me, the service of your lotus feet.
Lyrics: Ancient invocation prayer
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Guitars: Sri Ram (Ryc Powers-Ward)
Engineer: Don Weeks

Gurudeva, you are the ocean
you are the sound and the light within my soul
i pray that i return a measure
of the love that through your life flows
& there ain't no difference
when you know & you know
gurudeva you are the ocean
you are the sound and the light within my soul
you are the seed of my devotion
you are the blessing that makes my spirit whole
you are the living proof of freedom
& the call to follow is clear

i can't tell you how much I love you
& the wonder and the grace of living here
in the shadow of the great love you are giving
& the feeling that you are always here
& i want to live forever by your side
& the happiness i feel, no longer to deny
& i've found a river (x 2)

i've found a river flowing deep inside
i've found a river (x2)
i've found a river flowing in my heart

jaya jaya gurudeva,
jaya jaya gurudeva
jaya gurudeva, jaya jaya, jaya gurudeva
oh jaya jaya, jaya gurudeva, jaya jaya, jaya gurudeva
Lyrics: Ryc Powers-Ward and Krishna Rose
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Guitars, backup vocals: Sri Ram (Ryc Powers-Ward)
Engineer: Don Weeks
Bhajami Radham

Bhajami Radham aravinda netram
smarami Radham madhura-smitasyam
vadami Radham karuna bharardram
tato mamanyasti gatir na kapi
Radhe Vrndavanadhise karunamrta-vahini
krpaya nija padabja dasyam mahyam pradiyatam

I worship Radha who has lotus eyes,
I remember Radha who has a sweet smile
I speak of Radha who is melted with compassion
There is nothing else for me. She is my life & soul

O Radhe, queen of Vrndavana, vessel of nectarean
mercy! Please bestow upon me the service of Your
lotus feet.
Lyrics: Ryc Powers-Ward and Krishna Rose
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Guitars, backup vocals: Sri Ram (Ryc Powers-Ward)
Engineer: Don Weeks

Govindam adi purusham, Tam aham bhajami ( x 4)
Venum kavantam aravindam dalaya taksham
Bhara-hara-tam sam asi tam buddha sundarangam
Kandarpa koti kama-aniya, vishesha sobham
Govindam adi purusham, Tam aham bhajami (x4)
Angani yasya sakalen driya vritti manti
Pasyanti panti kalyanti ciram jaganti
Ananda cinmaya sadhu-ujjvala vigraha-asya
Govinda............... rpt to end...
Lyrics: Ancient prayer written by Lord Bramha
Arrangement: George Harrison
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Guitars, backup vocals: Sri Ram (Ryc Powers-Ward)
Engineer: Don Weeks
The Sage

An old man sat by the river, under a banyan tree,
Sitar in hand he played & he sang from his heart to all who would hear;
Govinda, Govinda, Govinda;
A passerby stopped to listen, for the sweetness touched in his soul,
And it rang so deep, 'bout put him to sleep but his heart sure heard the call;
Govinda, Govinda, Govinda;

Singing, "I am not this body returning to the sand,
I am pure spirit, I am that I am!
I am pure love shining deep inside your heart
I am always with you, in love we will never part";

The passerby stopped to listen,
And with the sage in the forest he dwelt
And he came to love what he came to learn
As he lived the love that he felt, singing;
Govinda, Govinda, Govinda;

One day his Guru called for him, saying "friend I am leaving this world!
Think of me in your heart & I'll always be there,
Call & I will come
His Guru went to Vrindavan (Kingdom of God)
& taught from that higher plane
His disciple lived with his God-given gift
Singing praises to his name;
Govinda, Govinda, Govinda;

The old man sat now in silence
And watched the sun come over the hill
And he thought of his Guru who had first sat here
And inwardly became still
He said, "I've climbed over many mountains in my searching for the Truth,
I've sat by many a river & sang this song for you,
It's been so many liftimes, I've almost seen a flower bloom,
When will I know you?"
Then before him in a vision, there appeared his Guru's form
& he said with a smile my beloved son you may come with me to the Lord,
See Krishna dance by the river playing His flute for us all,
And the Gopi's (Gods fair maidens) dance,
And and the Deva's (heavenly angels) sing
If you listen you'll hear them call;
Govinda, Govinda, Govinda.
Lyrics: Ryc Powers-Ward & Krishna Rose
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Guitars, backup vocals: Sri Ram (Ryc Powers-Ward)
Engineer: Don Weeks
(a peace song – traditional Sanskrit prayer)

Jaya Radha Madhava kunja bihari x 2
Jaya gopi-jana vallabha giri vara dhari x 2
All living beings will be happy by chanting & remembering

Yashoda Nandana braja jana ranjana
Yamuna tira vana cari (hmmm)
Love & affection to Supreme personality of Godhead

It will save world, all like living beings will be happy
By chanting & remembering
Yashode Nandana braja jana ranjana
Yamuna tira vana cari
Lyrics: Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura (full title: Jaya Radha-Madhava)
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Lyrics: Ancient mantra
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Like a Jewel

My heart doth yearn for my eyes to see Thee,
My Love You seem so far from me,
Wipe the darkness from my eyes,
So I'm ready for Your Love
Patience at my side.......... I await Your reply.........

My heart is Yours, tis' the reason that I breathe
If I stumble or fall, take my hand & let me rise again,
Holy are Thy rivers Love, "come" They say to me,
My heart doth bathe in the nectar of Your Holy Names....

At the altar I bow, there I offer my heart to Thee,
My Love You seem so far from me,
I call out Your Names, when in a forest I dwell,
Patience at my side........ I await Your reply.................
Ahh...................... to end....
Lyrics: Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura (full title: Jaya Radha-Madhava)
Vocals: Krishna Rose
Copyright ©2009 Krishna Rose. All rights reserved.