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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
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A great way to stay connected in this 'virtual' world is through social networks and space sharing online. Krishna Rose can be found in many networks including:

* | Search YouTube and you'll find videos including "Trail of Blossoms" and "Light the Lamp of Love".

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Events & Festivals
Would you like to invite Krishna Rose to perform at an event or festival? Please contact us today to schedule an appearance. We love small, personal gatherings too, so please make an inquiry to find out if Krishna Rose has a schedule opening for your event or festival!
Press Kit
Contact us today if you need information on Krishna Rose for an article. We can provide you with a customized press kit, or an interview as needed.
Donation & Investment
"I am in independent artist, although I have major distribution for our music, I fund all the music projects on my own. I would love to receive offers of donations and investment money inorder to be able to upgrade my equipment for our home studio, and also for our stage performances. We have a wonderful plan for success. Our desire is to create not only beautiful music, but wonderful stage sets with amazing lighting and visuals to enhance the experience of spirtual awakening and sensual healing. We would welcome a tour bus or RV of any sort to enable our tours to happen more smoothly, and / or any equipment / microphones. If you are interested in investing or donating something to assist us in our healing work, please contact me directly at Goddess bless us all!" --Krishna Rose
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