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"May you always listen to the subtle teachings of your heart,
follow them and forever blossom at Her feet."
Camatkar and Candrika Camatkar and Candrika © Syamarani dasi. Used with permission.
My new CD "Beneath The Rose" is a female divinity album, bringing together concepts and musical sounds that are dear to me. From my classical roots, and my fondness for Celtic and traditional music from India, I've found a personal fusion of music that supports lyrics that ask the listener to meditate on the divine feminine.

Brought up in England, I learned classical music at an early age. I played violin and piano in orchestras throughout my childhood and teen years. I loved to dance, and was fortunate to have been sponsored by Margot Fontaine (world-famous prima-ballerina) at the age of 10, and was accepted as a student into the famous City of Hamburg's Opera & Ballet School (Staats Opera) in Germany. I studied dance there for the Royal Ballet, a wonderful priceless gift.

I spent most of my life working as an assistant / promoter / manager to many famous rock stars. I worked with Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, The Osbournes, along with a whole host of other world famous musicians. This deepened my hearts desire to express myself through my own music. I was personally moved by the music of The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen, and started writing lyrics at a very early age. I started developing my own unique style & sound.

I am seeker of Truth, a follower of my heart. Being half Indian (from Kashmir, India) I have a big love of Indian philosophy, and am especially devoted to the Goddess Sri Radha. I feel my music reflects my deepest devotional sentiments. I have a love of ancient English tales which seem to naturally inspire my voice to have a subtle Celtic feel, blending the East / West romantics beautifully.

Whilst I was living in India during 1995 and 1996, I was fortunate enough to go to Vrindavan and Mathura (Holy villages where Radha and Krishna's pastimes go on). There it was that I met my beloved spiritual guide (Gurudeva) and took initiation from him. On my second day staying in his temple, he told me that I "should write and perform English songs." I was quite surprised because at that point I had no plan to sing for anyone! It was by his inspiration alone that my songs have been written and sung with any devotion at all. Without the love I feel in my heart for this great personality I would not be able to sing one note with emotion. I give thanks for this great blessing in my life. (For more information on my beloved Gurudeva, please look at my links page).

Jai Sri Jai Sri © Syamarani dasi. Used with permission.
My debut album "Age of Forgiveness" was written and recorded in Maui, Hawaii with Mateus. My songs are timeless and honest. I hope to touch your heart with my soothing lyrics and relaxed harmonic vocals. Music critics have compared my voice and writing style to Sarah McLaughlin, Enya and John Lennon!

"JAYA" is my second album, a transition into a deeper meditative and inspirational mood that I discovered within. It is an acoustic devotional CD with simple yet haunting harmonic vocals. "JAYA" is also now available. I feel it is a powerful rendition of both English and Sanskrit prayers to the Divine. Beautifully simple, it expresses my devotion at it's best.

With the release of "Beneath The Rose", I feel that I have evolved my voice and found the center in myself to understand and invoke these poetic, prayerful lyrics. Along with Robin Wing and my dear friends Hans Christian and Bada Haridas, we have created a wonderfuly healing album of soft chants, Indian bhajan, and Celtic heritage sounds.

I have grown in wonderful ways and am continuing to express my journey through life through my voice and songs, we have two new cd's of beautiful songs ready to be recorded soon, so stay tuned.

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