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Krishna Rose - Music for the Soul
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*Secrets of the Undiscovered Self
Radhika weeping with Krishna consoling

We Are Pure Spirit Souls

A long time ago there lived a powerful sage named Astavakra Rishi. The sage was curved in eight parts of his body, and when he walked his movements were quite peculiar and awkward. He was very ugly and people often laughed at the sight of him. Although externally he was awkward and crooked, internally his heart was pure because he had realized his eternal transcendental identity. He knew and realized the difference between the body and the soul.

Once, Astavakra Rishi was invited by the great king Maharaja Janaka to attend an assembly of saintly persons. As he entered the assembly, everyone present began to laugh at him. Hearing them, Astavakra Rishi also began to laugh. The members of the assembly were surprised and said to each other, “We are laughing at him, but he is laughing even more loudly than us. Why is this?”

Janaka Maharaja rose from his throne and asked Astavakra Rishi, “Why are you laughing so loudly?”  The sage replied, “I thought I was coming to join an assembly of saints and sages, but instead I have stumbled into a convention of shoemakers. A shoemaker’s interest is in leather and skin, and I see that all of you are just looking at my skin. Your interest is in seeing if someone is beautiful or ugly, healthy or disabled, young or old. Your minds are absorbed in these temporary things. You are not seeing my soul as saintly persons would. It is simply illusion to place importance on the external, temporary body while being oblivious to the eternal soul dwelling within.”

Janaka Maharaja’s heart was deeply penetrated by Astavakra Rishi’s words. He realized that the sage was a liberated soul, and fit to sit on the throne. He very lovingly placed him on his own throne, bowed down to him, and accepted him as his instructing spiritual master.

Articles was printed in Yoga Magazine UK and Yoga Magazine US early 2009
Based on the teachings of Gurudeva, Narayana Goswami Maharaja

*Ancient Faeries of India - Asta Sakhi Faeries

Having come from the land of England, I always had a great love of Faery and folk tales.  I was always imagining magical realms other than the one I was born into.  Needless to say, when I traveled to India and discovered that there is indeed a faery world I can enter into through meditation and prayer, I become overjoyed and set out to discover more about that possibility.   The first time I visited India, I was incredibly captivated when I found that the tales of Faeries in India were prevalent amongst the Vaishnava devotees and their ancient literatures and scriptures.  There are detailed descriptions in many hundreds of books, of a magical spiritual world, that is eternal and full of bliss.  This special place is said to have ever increasing ecstasy at every moment.  It is a place where every word is a song, and every step is a dance.  The Lord of Love, Sri Krishna and His consort, the Goddess Sri Radha enchant the inhabitants of Their magical faery forest land over and over with a beautiful eternal life of enchantment and bliss.  The Goddess, Sri Radha has many forest-maids for Her girlfriends.  There are also many faery friends, named Manjaris.  They dedicate their lives to serving the Goddess.  Below is an article describing some of what I learned.

Read More (pdf)
Published in Winter Faerie Magazine

*The Yoga of Self Expression: Finding Your Inner Voice
Each of us has an inner voice yearning to express itself ó a soul, made of divine energy and love, longing to be set free. Yet some of us have difficulty expressing who we really are at the core, feeling fearful of how others may perceive us, especially if our success depends on othersí opinions.

As children our first dreams may have been to be on stage, performing as an actor or singer. We may have been told to be quiet, stop showing off, or that our voice wasnít of star quality. Sadly, many of us may have given up our dreams, or put them on pause, muting the freedom of self-expression and one of lifeís greatest freedoms.

When we deny ourselves of the opportunities to express ourselves authentically, we create an energetic store-house that holds our self prisoner, pent up, unheard, and unexpressed. These communication blocks could lead us naively into unhealthy situations. Therefore just as we practice yoga on the mat, or yoga in our walking life, we must also allow that yoga of full expression in all itís myriad of forms to flow through us and express itself fully. To allow our deepest emotions to be freed, to be heard, seen, noticed, felt and accepted in some way is as much a part of our yoga experience as any other, for it is nature for the soul to express itself. It is why we exist at all.


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